Nuvo-Tek Launches New Nook 2 Covers To Keep Your Device Safe & Looking New

Nuvo-Tek launches new Nook 2 covers and there are more in the pipeline, details about which will be available soon.

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – Now purchase Nook 2 covers at affordable prices and conveniently through online stores. Nuvo-Tek launches new Nook 2 covers designed exclusively for the Nook Simple Touch, or Nook 2 as they are popularly known. They are available in black and grey or burgundy and black, both are reversible models, with more color options to be announced shortly.

This Florida-based company is known for their quality sleeves and cases for a variety of computer and consumer electronic devices. Nuvo-Tek is recognized for their low-priced, high-quality products. They have succeeded admirably in keeping prices of all their products highly competitive by cutting out fancy marketing gimmicks and keeping overhead costs to a bare minimum. Undoubtedly, they give you the best-priced options in the market for all their covers, sleeves, and cases.

Now Nuvo-Tek launches new Nook Touch covers designed to protect your e-book reader from bumps and scrapes. These covers not only enhance the looks of the device, but also ensure that they remain in sparkling new condition even after a long period of use.

The covers are long-lasting and durable as they are made of soft yet strong and extremely flexible neoprene materials. You can now use your e-book readers anywhere without having to fear the bumps and scratches that such devices normally suffer when used regularly.

Nuvo-Tek offers high-quality neoprene sleeves, covers, and cases and now Nuvo-Tek launches new Nook 2 covers that offer superior protection for your valuable e-device. The grip that you have on the device is exceedingly better than any other protection that you could use. It will not just slip through your hands and crash into the floor. Your e-book reader is even safe in coffee shops and restaurants with the new covers on. They are water-resistant, so an accidental coffee spill will not put it on the blink anymore.

The new Nuvo-Tek Nook 2 cases are stylish and durable. Yet they will not add to the weight of your e-book reader because they are extremely lightweight. You do not have to worry about these covers attracting dirt stains either. Simply reverse it and get a brand-new-looking cover instantly and in a new color as well. Also, they are easily washable with plain soap and water.

As Nuvo-Tek launches Nook Touch cases, owners of Nook readers are relieved. They will not have to fumble with irritating cover zippers that tend to scratch your Nook. The Nuvo-Tek case has cushions to protect your device from accidental impact and fits it like a glove. At 1.6 ounces, it’s as good as weightless.

Reactions to these cases have been hugely positive. One customer who bought the sleeve for her Nook 2 says it has helped protect her reader while it’s in the purse or when it is just lying around. “It fits nicely and it is easy to get the Nook 2 in and out. The top stays closed, so I’m never concerned about it falling out. I love the simplicity of it. For the price, it is a great sleeve.”

As Nuvo-Tek launches new Nook 2 covers, users express much positive responses. To read about users’ reactions and for more info, visit the website at


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