Edward Palonek is pleased to announce over 7 millions new records were recently added to foundmoney

Edward Palonek informs individuals and organizations on where they can come up with some much needed money that they have not claimed. This money is in the form of old bank accounts, uncashed cheques, refunds unclaimed money and other property, that millions of Americans are benefiting from with some Found Money.

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – It may be hard to believe, but every day, someone loses site of some form of property or money because of a change of address, a death in the family, or just plain forget fullness. On many occasions these funds are not necessary lost and still can get re-claimed. With just the click of the mouse you could be on your way of receiving unclaimed cash you either forgot or didn’t even know existed.

“We just add over 7 million new accounts of people and organizations that have yet to make a claim for their lost asset. These new forgotten accounts include bank accounts, uncashed pay checks, unclaimed security deposits, and unused gift certificates. It's most often in the form of money, but it can also be stocks, mutual funds, and the contents of safe deposit boxes”, says Edward Palonek, who is the founder of foundmoney.com.

Some examples of holders of unclaimed property are business associations, corporations, banks, sole proprietors, public agencies, organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), and insurance companies that hold money for someone else.

Found Money was the first company to make a search mechanism available on the internet, back in 1995 for everyone to search for unclaimed property. FoundMoney specializes in unclaimed assets and has reunited thousands of people throughout the years with their lost and forgotten money.

“Isn't it a nice surprise, when you find some money in an old jacket or a pair of pants you haven't worn in awhile, or even better yet some stocks that were left for you from your parents who may have passed away. During these very difficult economic times, taking action now could put much needed unclaimed money in the pockets of thousands of people across North America and overseas.” says Palonek

Don’t delay in starting your search at foundmoney.com for unclaimed cash, you may be richer than you think.

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