Delaware Pushes Toxic-Free Items;MyCleaningProducts Urges Manufacturers to Go Green & Avoid Penalty

Delaware Legislature is pushing toxic-free products to protect Americans' health. MyCleaningProducts supports the move and encourages manufacturers to go green as well.

Online PR News – 12-July-2011 – – The Delaware Legislature is pushing toxic-free products. It has already submitted a bill that has unanimously passed the Senate and the House to limit children's exposure to harmful chemical ingredients. Additionally, legislators also submitted a letter to the Senate requesting reforms on the outdated Toxic Substances Control Act to protect American families from toxins on everyday items.

Knowing that toxins can greatly harm human health, fully supports Delware's moves to promote a healthy environment. Additionally, it urges homeowners and manufacturers alike to follow the legislators lead and go green as well.

In fact, the CEO has placed a 30% Off Special it's entire line of cleaning products using coupon code "NEWYEAR" for this week only to encourage more consumers to go green.

As a green manufacturer itself, MyCleaningProducts knows that with going green, there's nothing to lose. Contrary to what many believe, there are no financial risks that go with switching to more environment-friendly processes and products. In fact, the company believes that there's more to gain from it.

“Our company is a strong supporter of green living. That's the basic reason that we created the products that we have. Introducing those green products to the public is our way of becoming a promoter more than just a supporter. And with our green cleaners, we hope that others will also become a promoter of a safe and healthy environment.”Markus Skupeika said, MyCleaningProducts' Chief Executive Officer.

The company has a Green Bean line of cleaners to offer to the public. It manufactures rust remover, mold remediation product, bed bug killer, marble and granite care products, pet stains and odor removers and even car and boat care products. All of which can be purchased at

“The products that we have, being green, are gentle to health and the environment. However, we don't want our consumers to misinterpret them as ineffective. As proven by so many lab tests, they are tough to what they are supposed to clean or treat. And we assure our consumers that they are a perfect blend of safety and effectiveness.”Skupeika added.

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