Mold Remediation Company Exposes Secret To Save Thousand's On Every Single Mold Removal Project

Mold Pros nationwide are sharing their secret to saving money and time by using what is being called a Super-Product. The cost of removing mold has sky-rocketed,especially for the contractor due to strict safety guidelines and procedures.

Online PR News – 12-July-2011 – – Green Bean has published an article that is extremely beneficial to the Professional mold removal contractor. The threat of mold related illness has become a huge topic in the US over the last couple years. Mold remediation contractors have been dealing with the down economy as well as the cost of materials rising. Recently many of the large mold professional companies have brought forth the secret that has kept them successful and profitable during these tough times.

What Turns Any Mold Project Into A Multi Million Dollar Success?

Learn more about these mold remediation products.

Mold remediation companies battled with keeping costs low to maintain healthy profits. At the same time making customers happy. So what could a mold professional do in order to increase profits and put a smile on a customers face?

Their secret is in an affordable Non-Toxic mold remover and preventative kit that has been distributed privately by
The kit was only released to large corporate mold remediation companies in the past. After receiving numerous requests, has released the formula to all mold professionals and consumers.

The product states, that it is not only safe for the environment, but its natural fragrance eliminates the need for respirators due to harmful chemical vapors.

Molderizer and Safe Shield is the official name of the product and are a technological breakthrough in the battle against toxic mold.

How The Formula Works To Put Money Back In Mold Professionals Pockets.

But CEO of Markus Skupeika states why the product has already been mold remediation companies golden goose.

Creator of Molderizer and Safe Shield stated, "Molderizer is designed to break apart the DNA of mold spores. Guaranteeing mold is destroyed. Then to prevent costly re-amplification after the project is complete. We developed Safe Shield to clean and prevent mold amplification which applies a protective clear barrier on any surface to suffocate the mold."

Using these non-toxic mold remediation chemicals in tandem has saved thousands of dollars per job along with the preservation of countless man hours that are very costly to the business owner.

Most mold removal company's use harsh hazardous chemicals to eliminate the hard to eradicate fungi pests. Doing so not only leaves a nasty residue but also requires the use of costly respirators and heavy duty chemical resistant gloves.

Molderizer is the only non-toxic product on the market that encapsulates the mold spore and destroys its DNA, and requires no more than a pump sprayer to apply.

The second step is, Safe Shield, the patented protection against reoccurring breakouts. The preventive nature of the product will ensure you will not have to remediate a job-site after completion. The residual chemical is long lasting and will not breakdown if future contact with moisture occurs.

Learn how the mold remediation companies are cutting labor in half to get a 50% return on their investment with Molderizer and Safe Shield.

Currently, is offering 30% off the Molderizer and Safe Shield, mold kit.

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