Nexus Insurance Services Now Offers Podiatry Malpractice Insurance

California-based medical malpractice insurance broker, Nexus Insurance Services, has now expanded its services to podiatrists.

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – Nexus Insurance Services, a company offering professional liability insurance and medical malpractice insurance, has announced that it is now offering malpractice insurance for podiatrists.

There are approximately 14,000 podiatrists in the U.S. today with many of them working in a private practice. Podiatrists provide only about 39 percent of the foot care tendered in the United States. Orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and physical therapists make up the rest. Because of their unique specialty, podiatrists require customized insurance coverage.

“We are happy and excited about expanding our medical malpractice insurance offerings to podiatrists,” says Michael Kataf of Nexus Insurance Services. “We have partnered with a variety of insurance providers to help podiatrists find the best rates possible for malpractice insurance. We also offer worker’s compensation for podiatrists and all physicians through one of our partners that offers excellent rates.”

Many podiatrists have never been targeted by a malpractice claim and many malpractice cases are resolved without the payment of any damages. However, there were 5,698 medical malpractice reports made to the National Practitioner Databank regarding podiatrists from 1990-2004.

“Having this insurance guarantees that they are covered if a patient sues them for any type of foot surgery or procedure. Our agents are dedicated to making sure that our clients have the right type of coverage and the right amount of coverage. In addition, we offer educational resources so that podiatrists can provide top quality care and avoid malpractice lawsuits.” says Kataf.