Europarts Offers Saving Up to 75% Below Dealer Prices on Sprinter Brakes and Many Other Parts

As a mail-order company, Europarts of San Diego’s new online store offers discount from 20% to 75% below franchise dealer prices on parts like Sprinter brakes, Eurovan alternators, and more

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – (OLPRN) San Diego, CA— Longtime customers of Europarts of San Diego and owners of European cars and trucks have a great new way to get expensive and hard to find parts delivered at a great price. The company’s new online store allows customers to find the parts they need at prices 20% to 75% lower than franchise dealer prices.

“If you are looking for hard to find sprinter brake kits, or you are looking for an obscure part for 1997 Eurovan, you now have a place to shop at your convenience anywhere in the country,” states Steve Schock, Europart’s owner.

Europarts receives all of their European automobile parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Most car parts are not manufactured by the corporations that design the cars and trucks we love to drive. Companies like Volvo, Saab, BMW, or Porsche will make some of the parts like major engine casting and sheet metal, but the majority of the work is contracted out to OEM specialists. Because Europarts buys these parts right from the manufacturer they are able to pass significant savings on to their customers.

Although we specialize in Eurovan and Sprinter OEM parts like Sprinter brakes and Sprinter brake kits we will do our best to get you European car parts we can order

Europarts has been selling OEM parts by mail order for over a quarter of a century, but their new online store adds a level of convenience that customers will truly enjoy. The online store allows customers to search for Eurovan and sprinter brakes, transmission services, spark plugs, shocks, and more.

Not all of the thousands of possible replacement parts for European automobile parts are listed online, so Europarts also has a Parts Inquiry form. This form allows users to ask the experts at Europarts questions about specific parts and even get price quotes on hard to find parts.

“Although we specialize in Eurovan and Sprinter OEM parts like Sprinter brakes and Sprinter brake kits, we will do our best to get you European car parts we can order,” Schock said.

Europarts serves customers to the United States, Canada, and 23 other countries around the globe. Even with the convenience of the new online shopping cart, Steve will still be available to help you solve a problem, answer a question, or share the latest travel adventure.

About Europarts:

Europarts of San Diego is a mail order European automobile replacement parts supplier. Purchases of OEM products can be ordered online, by fax, email, or by calling 1-858-451-0020. Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.

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