Wisconsin Staffing Firm First to Offer Video Resumes

New technology offers job seekers serious advantage versus paper resumes

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – As Wisconsin’s unemployment rate continues to hover around 8%, there are hundreds of candidates that apply for every open position. Remedy Staffing, a locally based search, recruiting and staffing firm recognized a perfect storm to introduce cutting edge technology that will save area employers significant time and money. Beginning in July, Remedy Staffing will be rolling out digital video technology, which allows their clients to view job seeking candidates in a video, before committing to an interview. “We felt that our clients would appreciate the ability to see and hear candidates answer questions specific to their openings, before meeting in person”, said Jim Holwerda, the franchise owner. “It’s a tremendously efficient way for our clients to be introduced to the candidates in a more revealing way than a resume – while saving valuable time for everyone involved,” said Holwerda.

It’s a tremendously efficient way for our clients to be introduced to the candidates in a more revealing way than a resume – while saving valuable time for everyone involved

Now that the worst recession since The Great Depression appears to be coming to an end, forward thinking companies are introducing new technologies. The internet continues to be a powerful medium for companies to source talent and fewer job seekers are relying solely on paper. Virtually every job seeker has a connection to a social media site such as FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which serve as a gold mine for recruiters and HR professionals. However, many candidates fail to recognize that what they post on their social media sites could be seen by anyone, including a possible employer. “We spend a fair amount of time advising job seekers to be mindful of what they post on line – you never know who will see it”, Holwerda commented. “We felt that helping candidates create a professional video profile would increase their chances for hire and help them understand the importance of their online image”, he said.

During the heart of the recession, job seekers became savvier about the way they approach their job search by utilizing online media. With over 200,000 video resumes posted on YouTube, it’s clear that the evolution of the resume is fast approaching and recruiting professionals need a strategy. Recruiting experts know that leaving a voicemail or sending an email is not an effective tool to help a candidate land a job – you need something more compelling. A client won’t read more than a sentence of an email or glimpse at a resume, but they can’t help clicking a link to view a candidate’s video.

Over the past year Remedy’s executive leadership had been watching video interviews become more mainstream and realized they needed a strategy. At a convention they were introduced to TalentRooster, a cutting edge provider of video resume technology. Ultimately they felt TalentRooster technology offered the best solution for their candidates and clients. "We are really excited to be in Wisconsin with Remedy" said TalentRooster CEO David DeCapua. "Given Wisconsin’s demographics, we're confident this technology will be well received".