Real estate website development and search engine marketing company offers download of pay per click software

Real estate website development and search engine marketing company Top Seller Sites offers pay per click software download for lightning fast PPC ad group creation, campaign deployment, and bid management.

Online PR News – 22-December-2009 – – Nampa, Idaho - Real estate website developer and search engine optimization company Top Seller Sites has announced a new pay per click software tool to give clients and webmasters another valuable resource to help create and manage their search engine marketing pay per click campaigns.

The site is designed to provide useful information for small business owners and corporate marketing departments alike about one of the most powerful PPC bid management software tools in existence. This lightning fast software package handles everything from keyword sorting and ad group creation to campaign deployment and landing page optimization.

It can even import product data feeds to optimized large quantities of landing pages using CSV databases of products or geographical locations.

"We are amazed at what this software can do, and how fast it can do it," Kevin Harper, owner of Top Seller Sites says. "If you watch the video on the website, you'll see that this is powerful PPC software no ad agency or consultant should be doing business without. It's truly amazing."

He says the software works to lower the overall cost of pay per click marketing campaigns by (a) lowering the amount of time spent creating and managing ad campaigns, and (b) optimizing keywords and landing pages so that Quality Scores are high and click-costs are low.

Harper says that one of the worst mistakes pay per click advertisers make is sending their clicks to their home page.

"This dramatically increases the cost per click for a couple of reasons. First, the Quality Score is lower. If you are selling blue widgets, your Quality Score will be highest when your page is written to specifically to sell blue widgets, not give directions to the widget manufacturer's office. A higher quality score means a higher placed ad for less money per click. Second, because a home page will not convert a click as well as a specific product page, users who click on an ad that goes to a home page often leave without completing a sale."

All of this means a much higher cost for advertisers with less return on advertising investment dollars. Harper is confident that this new PPC software will exponentially increase bottom line profits for small business owners and enterprises alike.

"From marketing real estate websites to niche affiliate websites, the software is bound to increase ROI across the board."

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