New Arthritis Water Therapy Kit Alleviates Joint Pain

Healthwise Exercise, producers of Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews, airing to over 45 million on Public Television has produced a doctor recommended and approved treatment that relieves the nagging pain of arthritis and doesn’t require a doctor visit, a co-pay, a prescription, or even a blood test.

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 – – Edgewater, USA : Arthritis water therapy exercises effective for back pain, shoulder pain, hand pain, hip pain,and neck pain, included in this therapeutic water workout gives people living with arthritis a pain relieving arthritis therapy workout by PBS TV's Functional Fitness Expert, Suzanne Andrews, offering pool joint pain relief moves to improve range of motion and soothe aching muscles.

This New Water program features six segments, each focusing attention on different parts of your body; your back to ease all over back pain, your hips to relieve hip pain, your knees to alleviate knee pain, your shoulders to relieve shoulder pain, your neck to dismiss neck pain and your hands for improved range of motion in your fingers.

This effective doctor recommended and approved treatment doesn’t require a doctor visit, a co-pay, a prescription, or even a blood test. This arthritis remedy helps ease joint pain with just three times a week of use by removing stress from your joints while improving your joint range of motion, strength and your quality of life.

Functional Fitness Arthritis Water Therapy Kit, developed by the founder of Functional Fitness on Public Television, Suzanne Andrews, offers the only doctor reviewed program by a Licensed Occupational Therapy Practitioner with over 25 years of exercise experience teaching others how to limit pain from their daily lives and live a more functional active life.

Doctors aware that therapeutic exercise is vital to reducing and eliminating joint pain, often prescribe water exercise for arthritis. Medical Insurance pays up to $280.00 per hour for this very same program that Suzanne Andrews teaches. Now everyone can get the very same therapuetic program for a fraction of the cost and help Public Television continue to bring quality programming with medically designed Functional Fitness programs. Realzing that not everyone can afford a therapy session, Suzanne Andrews produced a program comprised of evidenced based successful exercises that she utilizes in therapy sessions with arthtitis patients. Mache Seibel, MD, agrees, “You really get quality with Functional Fitness starring Suzanne Andrews DVD’s as it’s so much more than just an exercise show, it’s literally physical medicine.”

The goal of arthritis exercise is to reduce inflammation, eliminate pain and increase your ability to function. By increasing blood flow and providing important nutrients to your joints, Functional Fitness Arthritis Water Therapy Kit makes the muscles around your joints strong to supports your joints so you function at your best. Functional Fitness also lubricates your joints by encouraging your body to produce a natural lubricant called synovial fluid and that reduces joint friction. Furthermore, when water exercises are performed in chest deep water, nearly half your total body weight is eliminated from your hips, knees, back, neck, shoulder and hand joints. This allows you to accomplish more joint pain relief with little to no stress on your exercising joints.

The Arthritis Water Therapy Kit comes complete with an instructional DVD, 2 instructional CD's and the only illustrated water resistant booklet that guides you poolside.