Android mobile phones Wholesale Category Announced By BuyeChina

BuyeChina these days launched it has opened a online website category specialized in Android mobile phones. Android products are a notable growth chance for retailers who source from China.

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 – shenzhen – Iphone from China have skilled fast sales growth in 2011, but you can find a lot more and much better Android smartphones devices just over the horizon, based on China wholesaler, BuyeChina.

Says BuyeChina Public Relations spokesman, Kokin James:

"Retailers all over the globe are seeking very good good quality Android smartphones to sell: the demand is enormous, and China producers are innovating to meet that demand."

Apple boss Steve Jobs introduced the iphone 4 earlier in 2010 having a prediction that it could be a "year of the copycats" for iphone. Latest Android mobile phones launches from massive brands just like Motorola and Samsung have aimed at software program apps and hardware specifications instead of attempting adjustments to Apple's winning iphone form factor. Last month, Apple filed a lawsuit claiming Samsung had duplicated their own 'technology, user interface and innovative style' on iphone.

Observing that Apple's iphone goods have been completely far more than just an inspiration to producers in China, BuyeChina's Kokin James commented:

"Definitely plenty of Android iphone designs are just unimaginative copies of mainstream brand items. It is par for the course in China at early stages of a item marketplace. At BuyeChina we have been at pains to ensure we're only sourcing original designs of Android smartphones to add to our warehouse stock."

Ecommerce sites for example eBay and Amazon have strict policies restricting what kind of no-brand Android Cellular Phones and iphones on-line sellers can advertise.

Gadget blogs and magazines have focused regularly on battery and display difficulties with low cost Android devices from unscrupulous Chinese retailers. BuyeChina's Kokin James commented on the firm's efforts to ensure item good quality in relation to the newest Android range:

"We've observed perhaps over 100 various Android smartphones designs provided to us inside the last couple of months. Only five so far have created it by way of our rigorous standards for develop high quality, reliability, and usability: and those exciting new iphones are such wonderful, innovative devices" says James. "By launching a item category focused on wholesale Android iphones, we're investing resources to ensure that sellers worldwide can access the most effective Android merchandise which are obtainable out of China."

BuyeChina's announcement noted that they'll be aiming to source a lot more Android Phones too as a range of new Android smartphones merchandise, offered to registered wholesale buyers from the on the web shop category at