BuyeChina Launches Android Smartphones Category, Provides Unique Offers on Android Items

China wholesaler BuyeChina opens the latest Android cell phones category, capabilities cost-effective Android smartphone direct from China.

Online PR News – 16-July-2011 – shenzhen – Pioneered by its Apple iphone back in 2010, the iphone trend just about hit each corner of the planet. The quickly sales and profits growth and increased fascination with smartphoness have no signs of stopping, nevertheless, using the steep cost tag of brand name devices like Apple, Motorola, and Samsung, only a modest percentage of the planet will ever use 1. Now, there is very good news from BuyeChina wholesale, the best unlocked Android phone supplier.

That is why well-known Chinese wholesaler BuyeChina has produced a brand new Android smartphones section, featuring unique offers on original Android smartphones identified in China. From BuyeChina's Pr spokesman Kokin James:

"The Apple iphone is undoubtedly a fantastic device and no doubt it set the common for all of the smartphones we have these days. Nonetheless, not every person can afford goods from a name brand like Apple. It is the also the very same factor with recent Android smartphones launches from massive brands like Motorola and Samsung - their cost is way too steep for the average consumer. That is why we lastly launched our own Android smartphones category, exactly where it is possible to locate totally original smartphones direct from China for only a fraction of the cost."

Inside the past, made-in-China items have been continuously under scrutiny for their "quantity over quality" approach. Nonetheless, recent hi-tech heavyweights from Asia have vastly improved that envision, such as the Taiwan based HTC Corporation and China's own Huawei Technologies. The high quality of their smartphones, which even surpasses most Western standards, is also some thing that BuyeChina's Kokin James guarantees of her company's own merchandise:

"It's much more than just about cost although. Our valued retailers and dropshippers are also trying to find an Android smartphones having a special style and top quality, some thing which will immediately wow their clients. That is why our new category will feature only devices which have undergone our thorough good quality control procedure. Our long-term cooperation with leading China producers guarantees that we get the most effective costs and no-brand devices, some thing that retailers and end-users alike can appreciate."

BuyeChina's announcement stated that they'll be sourcing a lot more Android smartphones on their new Android smartphones category, which might be discovered on their on the web shop at