Thermal Imaging Saves Money - But At What Cost?

Red Current Ltd has created a web based tool that enables potential customers to generate a cost estimate for the thermal imaging services they require.

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – Reading, Berkshire, UK – with the number of thermal imaging companies increasing, Red Current Ltd believe that efficiency in developing new business opportunities is about managing customer expectations right from the first introduction of its services. Key to this is managing expectation on price. It is of no value to either party if after accurately capturing all the information required to provide a quotation, the customer is completely put off by the price. Based on this, Red Current has developed an online cost estimating tool which can be completed within a couple of minutes and provides an estimated price for the thermal imaging services required.

The use of thermography continues to grow within the field of engineering maintenance. In trained and experienced hands, the technology can identify electrical and mechanical faults long before equipment failure; enabling remedial work to be scheduled around production activities, making huge savings to maintenance and operational costs. Other applications include building energy efficiency assessments, flat roof integrity surveys, commissioning and maintenance of photovoltaic solar panels and cooling efficiency assessments in data centres.

Few thermography companies advertise their prices. This is mainly due to each customer’s requirements being different, making it extremely difficult to develop a pricing structure around each service variant that could be required. Red Current’s web based tool asks a few simple questions which are then processed to generate an estimate. The main intention of this functionality is to provide the potential customer with an idea of the cost associated with the service. Following this a formal quotation can then be provided by gathering further more detailed information.

The tool is also useful to the company as it enables a more efficient approach to providing quotations. A large amount of time can be saved as it provides an initial filter to identify clients which are at the enquiry stage and those that require a formal quotation prior to raising an order. Since its introduction, Red Current has seen enquiries increase by nearly 50%.

Kristian Westerhold, Managing Director of Red Current Ltd said ”The main purpose of the tool is to provide potential customers with an idea of cost for the type of survey they require. Often that is all that is needed to decide whether the service is right for them.”

Red Current Ltd is standing out from other thermal imaging companies by being one of the few that only employ engineers that are trained and certified by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). This together with the development of this clever tool is likely lead to the future growth of the company.

About Red Current Ltd.

Based in Reading, Berkshire, UK, Red Current Ltd use the most advanced thermal imaging cameras commercially available to provide thermal imaging services within electrical, mechanical and building applications throughout the UK and Europe.
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