Potterstone Debuts “Ghost Daze,” a Tale of Tantalizing Terror

The new book “Ghost Daze,” is a ghost story that takes the idea of an uninvited guest in a completely new direction.

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – Lakewood, CO – Frank Potterstone has entered the horror genre with a debut novel that’s designed to keep readers up at night. The new book “Ghost Daze,” is a ghost story that takes the idea of an uninvited guest in a completely new direction. The book is now available at Amazon.com as a Kindle release.

“These are short stories that take the unwanted guest to a whole other paranormal level,” said Potterstone.

Ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night have fascinated man since he first gathered around a campfire to keep away the darkness of the night. The idea of an unwanted guest, along with the physical and emotional havoc they wreak, has been a favorite for generations. However, when such a guest doesn’t want to leave, what’s a host to do?

John Payne is an aging construction worker, specializing in roofs. At the age of 63, he has the countenance of a much older man, in constant pain from injuries sustained in his line of work. Most of his family had already passed on and his friends are burnouts. When he first felt the alien presence is his home, it was comforting in an odd sort of way.

Payne didn’t mind when his uninvited guest twisted his ties into knots or borrowed his nail clippers, but the final straw was when the ghost took his medication. As he seeks a way to rid himself of the intruder, Payne realizes he needs professional help and contacts a disbelieving priest, who reluctantly agrees to pay him a visit.

The priest arrives, only to find no trace of Payne or his reported ghost. What the priest does find defies imagination and all of his training. It sends him screaming from the house and into the solace and security that only a heavily sedated sleep can bring.

“Ghost Daze” is a short, yet entertaining book that’s ideal for an afternoon read at the beach or a spooky bedtime story to stimulate the imagination. Readers can sympathize with Payne in his loneliness, desire for company and wish to save his possessions from the incursions of the ghost. However, not everything is as it seems and some desires are better left unfulfilled.

Potterstone’s debut in the realm of ghost stories can be found at Amazon.com at a cost of $2.99 at http://frankpotterstone.blogspot.com/.