How To Remove Florida Mug Shot Without High Cost Or RISK

How To Remove Florida Remove specializes in removing mug shot from Google Images and the search results of their clients.

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – How To Remove Florida The Simplest Way

July 9, 2011 Orlando Florida – Remove says their new payment plan which allows customers to pay after their mug shot have been deleted is a major success. In week three of this brand new promotion, Remove is reporting very high customer satisfaction reviews, and 100% return on all of their invoices.

How To Remove Florida

Remove specializes in removing mug shot from Google Images and the search results of their clients. In an attempt to distance themselves from their competition, Remove initiated a payment system that would allow their clients to pay the firm only after their mug shot was deleted. The firm is actually reporting a 30% increase in new clients since they started this new program.

Remove main target are mug shot websites that collect public record information and then try to profit off the republication with the use of affiliate marketing programs and pay per click ads. Their goal is to have the mug shot web sites remove the photos of their clients and all content associated with their arrest within 5 business days. Once Remove has been successful in having the information remove from search engines, only then will they invoice their clients.

Remove is reporting that they have helped over 300 clients remove their mug shots photos from Google, Yahoo, and Bing since the new system was implemented. A spokesperson for the firm says they plan to continue this new payment system for the upcoming quarter and possibly the beginning of the upcoming year.

“Our customers really appreciate the fact that we would take on this daunting challenge prior to collecting payment, it really displays confidence in our service. We knew it was a risky program with the potential of high losses but we are very proud of the fact that all of our clients have paid us as agreed upon.”

Remove is an online brand protection firm that is now servicing the general consumer in the same capacity as their corporate clients. The mug shot removal service is made available through the firm’s website at Remove On their website clients can simply fill out a form to have their mug shot removed and a representative will contact them to begin their service agreement.

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