Tuppence Magazine entertainment news trials new sub category style on its Album Reviews page

In a bid to give itself a more distinct look and feel, Tuppence Magazine entertainment news and reviews has just redesigned its Album Reviews page to trial the new style.

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – In a bid to create a more distinct look and feel, Tuppence Magazine has redesigned its Album reviews page to trial the new style. If successful the design will be rolled out throughout the rest of the site over the following months.

The design is based on an earlier beta update to story pages that saw them widen by a hundred pixels, giving more room for content above the fold. It also means changes for the top banner of the album reviews page, giving it a new, rounded edge outer container. The left and right navigation bars have been updated too delivering space improvements and more balance to the page.

Now that the album reviews page has been amended (the first sub category page in the trial) the following month will be used to evaluate whether or not it has added to the user experience and improved the Entertainment news website. If the findings are positive, the design will be gradually added throughout the site for all sub-category pages.

This will then lead on to a new design for main category pages, to ensure that the website has a consistent style. This is part of an overarching design strategy to reduce the instances of font and page size inconsistencies.

About Tuppence Magazine entertainment news and reviews:

Tuppence Magazine delivers arts and culture news, including music, film news, fashion tips and album reviews. We aim to bring the best entertainment news online. The redesign can also be seen on standard news and reviews pages, for example on the Eddie the Eagle film page.

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