Windy City Novelties brings back Alien Glow Pops

Windy City Novelties, a leading supplier of party supplies, glow products, and LED items, is bringing back a discontinued item: Alien Glow Pops.

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – There are some things which just go hand in hand with summer. People spend their days dreaming of firing up the grill for the first time, taking a dip in the pool, and heading out to carnivals and fairs. And the best thing about carnivals and fairs isn't the rides, it's the food!

According to Pete Zanich of Carny Food group, “People are always excited to see the new treats that vendors will have available”, but sometimes those fried items can leave you feeling a little too full afterwards. And no one wants to even think about the calories!

Fortunately, Illinois based Windy City Novelties has brought back the unbelievably popular Alien Glow Pops. This tasty treat delights the senses by being enjoyable to eat and to wear.

Alien Glow Pops come in two delicious flavors: green melon and red cherry. These 1.5 ounce lollipops are shaped like out-of-this-world alien heads for everyone to enjoy. And unlike regular lollipops that have a simple stick to hold onto and then throw away, Alien Glow Pops have a plastic stick which contains an 8 inch Supreme Glow Bracelet. “We couldn’t believe it when the previous manufacturer of this item stopped carrying it, it's such a great item!” commented Greg French National Sales Manager at Windy City Novelties.

So once you’re done satisfying your taste buds, you can give your eyes something to enjoy as well. Just slide the glow bracelet out, give it a quick bend, and presto! You'll have a red or green glow bracelet which will give you hours of enjoyment.
Windy City Novelties spokesman Jeff Schrimmer says he expects the product to be popular for years to come. Schrimmer says, "We had always wanted to bring back the Alien Glow Pops. We aimed to have them ready in time for the summer season, but the demand was so overwhelming all the way back in February, in anticipation of spring and summer vending sales, that we pushed production ahead."

Schrimmer went on to say that the Supreme Glow Bracelet each Alien Glow Pop comes with is actually a top seller for the company all by itself. He says that the glow bracelets really make the Alien Glow Pops a great item, offering two fun products in one.

The Alien Glow Pops are still on sale from Windy City Novelties via their e-commerce website as well as other fine companies and a growing amount of retailers. While demand has been high, the product remains in stock. But Schrimmer says the best is yet to come. He says plans for new flavors and some design improvements to the alien itself are in the works.

Windy City Novelties also carries a wide array of other glow and party items that are sure to be a smash for anyone planning their own celebration this summer.

About Windy City Novelties:
Illinois based Windy City Novelties is the premier online destination for Glow , LED products, decorations and everything you need for birthdays, holidays and theme parties.