Vangtel Offers Solution For Outsourcing Headaches

Vangtel is a business shelter and typical outsourcing allows for no client control until now.

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Vangtel Nearshoring Solutions announced a series of webinars that will be offered beginning in August providing companies with tips and suggestions related to “How to stay in control of your outsourced functions.” Each webinar will have a focus on a specific business segment including IT Development, Shared Services, BPO or KPO and Call Center.

Vangtel, a proud member company of Tucson, AZ based The Offshore Group, is a provider of “business shelter services” that allow client companies to have total operational control while receiving the cost benefit of a nearshore operation.

According to Larry Carlson, Marketing Manager at Vangtel, “Some prospects ask what is a business shelter? When we answer that question the prospect cannot believe that they can maintain total operational control of an outsourcing solution that supports IT development, call center support and shared services, BPO or KPO.” Companies that have experienced outsourcing headaches may be best suited for the Vangtel nearshore solution.

Vangtel provides the legal entity for a client company to establish a presence in Mexico while providing staffing, payroll, human resources support, dedicated and highly trained workforce, secured state of the art facilities and much more. The upside for client companies is huge with far less risk and investment should they establish their own physical presence in Mexico.

By visiting outsourcing prospects can learn more about the benefits of maintaining control of their call center, IT development and shared services, BPO or KPO operation. The Vangtel Mexico operation is headquartered in Hermosillo, Sonora which is a one hour flight from Phoenix. Vangtel may be the cure for a company experiencing an outsourcing headache.


For more information contact:

Larry Carlson
Marketing Manager
Direct: (520) 901-2254