The Best Italian Language Schools in Italy joint by an Association

Learning Italian as a second language in one of the best Italian language schools for foreign students joint by ASILS, the Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language.

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – Nowadays, if someone is thinking about learning a foreign language, it’s very important to consider elements such as reliability and high proficiency of the service offered by institutes.

Even more if it is the case of a second language, namely if it’s necessary to learn a language that isn’t one’s mother language and is spoken in the country one lives in.

For instance, learning Italian as a second language means learning Italian in Italy, and this is a more and more widespread necessity in Italy if we think about the thousands foreign guys who are studying here and need learning the language, as well as adults, children and whole families. However, learning a language doesn’t mean just knowing the ABC of grammar, but also knowing its specific culture, traditions, idiomatic and everyday expressions and everything that is part of daily life.

For this reason, it’s very important to know if we are relying on long-experienced schools or institutes, which issue certificates and offer a service fit for the purpose, with highly skilled professionals and modern, cutting-edge teaching methods.

If foreign students wish to learn Italian, they’d better rely on qualified schools protected by an association. ASILS, the Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language, joins the most of the Italian language schools located in different regions and cities of Italy. Its purpose is to guarantee the reliability and the high proficiency in schools of Italian as a second language.

On the official website of ASILS it is possible searching by region or city and quickly finding all the Italian language schools for foreigners in Italy. Each Italian language school has its own page including data, addresses, telephone numbers, contacts and maps. It’s also possible to search by one’s favorite kind of Italian language course (standard Italian course, commercial Italian, intensive course, cultural course, etc.).

The Italian language schools in Italy associated within the group ASILS are located in the following cities: Arezzo, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Milan, Milazzo (ME), Modena, Naples, Perugia, Pisa, Rome, Salerno, Sanremo, Siena, Sorrento (Naples), Taormina, Trieste, Venice, Verona, Viareggio.

With the help of reliable and highly qualified Italian language schools, students won’t waste their time and will reach their goals having the chance to certify their skills in Italian language, an essential element for the current business and university world.

Further information about the Italian language schools associated to ASILS are available on the official website of the association.