XWIS 3.0 introduces a host of enterprise capabilities for Xcelsius customers

Antivia today announced the launch of XWIS 3.0, which is designed to help SAP customers drive cost out of their dashboard projects and at the same time deliver a superior experience to end-users. XWIS 3.0 gets more actionable dashboards into the hands of more users, more quickly than ever.

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – Antivia today announced the launch of XWIS 3.0, which is designed to help SAP customers drive cost out of their dashboard projects and at the same time deliver a superior experience to end-users.

XWIS is the fastest, most cost-effective way to create, manage and deploy actionable dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and Xcelsius.

Antivia has long maintained that every enterprise Xcelsius project would deliver more dashboards, to more users, more quickly and more cost-effectively with XWIS. XWIS 3.0 strengthens this claim with new capabilities to:

- Further boost developer productivity
- Reduce end-user reliance on the BI Team
- Combine multiple data sources to unlock new value
- Add XWIS interactivity to legacy dashboards
- View and organize dashboards on any device

Mark Hudson, CEO of Antivia commented: "SAP customers around the world trust XWIS to help them dramatically reduce their dashboard development time and cost of ownership. With XWIS 3.0, we're adding capabilities that will make dashboard designers even more productive whilst helping business users to make better informed decisions."

Hudson continued: "For the large numbers of organizations who have already made a significant investment in Xcelsius dashboards, but want to take advantage of the productivity gains and rich interactivity offered by XWIS, we've made it easy for them to add XWIS capabilities to their dashboards. Now they can add synchronized-multi-level drill, custom variables, alerters, and many other XWIS capabilities to their existing Xcelsius dashboards quickly and easily, whether they were built with Query as a Web Service (QaaWS), Live Office, or any other connection method."

Commenting on XWIS 3.0, Xcelsius guru, Ryan Goodman said "Every feature in this release is huge, but I particularly like the fact that existing dashboards can now easily take advantage of XWIS' capabilities independently of the data connection type they use."


Goodman has previously commented that the current version of XWIS makes Xcelsius dashboard designers 10 to 20 times more productive. Now, XWIS 3.0 raises the bar, with further productivity gains for dashboard developers, including live preview, eliminating the endless design-preview-design-preview loop, and data-set re-use, delivering more interactivity, with even fewer Excel formulas.


When users request small changes to their dashboards, these can grow quickly into a mountain of enhancement requests for the BI Team, causing delays, user frustration and missed business opportunities. That's why XWIS focuses as much on end-user empowerment as dashboard designer productivity. In XWIS 3.0, end-users can use the zoom component to hone in on the most relevant dashboard components, empowering them to make quicker, better-informed decisions, without going back to the BI Team.


Increasingly, organizations want to mix and match data from SAP BusinessObjects and external systems within their dashboards. This external data may exist in spreadsheets, OLAP cubes or other SQL databases. Often, this will be to support quick, tactical wins, where speed is of the essence. XWIS' new data merge capability automatically combines data from multiple sources, synchronizes it and makes it drillable. By combining this with XWIS' remarkable productivity, XWIS 3.0 transforms Xcelsius into an agile dashboard building tool, which eliminates the need to look beyond the SAP ecosystem to support opportunistic BI projects.


XWIS 3.0's spreadsheet reader allows dashboard designers to add Excel data to XWIS components, so organizations who've already built dashboards using QaaWS, Live Office, or BI Web Services, can now re-use these connections and take advantage of the rich, interactivity offered by XWIS' smart, aggregate aware controls (e.g. synchronized-multi-level drill, dynamic sorting and filtering, slice & dice, custom variables, alerters, etc.). This advanced interactivity is available out of the box, with zero Excel formulas, offering a huge time-saving for dashboard designers.

In addition, to support the growing demand amongst users for offline access to their dashboards, using the spreadsheet reader, organizations can take any existing dashboard offline, whilst preserving all spreadsheet driven interactivity.


With the growth of Smartphones and tablet devices, users increasingly want to access their dashboards at any time and on any device. To support this, Antivia has introduced a new product called XWIS Anywhere which lets you view and organize dashboards on mobile, tablet and desktop devices with no re-development. This means XWIS customers can get dashboards into the hands of more users, more quickly, on their preferred device.

XWIS Anywhere is initially available for Android Smartphones and tablets, and for the Blackberry Playbook. iOS versions are planned for later this year.

XWIS 3.0 is available now as a controlled release. General availability is expected later in the summer.

For more information visit the XWIS 3.0 micro-site: http://go.antivia.com/XWIS3.0.html



Antivia, an SAP Solutions Partner, develops the XWIS software platform, which provides the fastest, most cost-effective way to create, manage and deploy actionable dashboards with SAP Business Objects Dashboards and Xcelsius.

SAP customers worldwide trust XWIS to help them:

- Slash dashboard development time and total cost of ownership
- Accelerate adoption and deployment of actionable dashboards
- Promote effective decision making through increased interactivity and greater accessibility.

XWIS has won numerous awards, including the SAP award for best integration with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.

Customers include: AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group, BMC Software, Bord Gais, Cochlear, Eli Lilly, Fifth Third Bank, Hewlett Packard, ING Direct, 20:20 Digital, Nissan-USA, Pratt & Whitney, Shire Pharmaceuticals Group, Swire Coca-Cola, and Telenor.

Antivia is privately funded with offices in North America and Europe.

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