Bathroom Shoot with WD Bathrooms

In the United Kingdom alone there are around 32 million people online which means that shopping online is constantly increasing. In 2007 £46.6bn was spent on ecommerce websites and it continues to increase. The layout and precise information on shopping websites are the main features of how successful it is year on year. Ecommerce websites are battling for the top place in these hard times so keeping websites at the top of their game is as important as ever.

Online PR News – 08-July-2011 – – WD Bathrooms are an example of an online website that specialises in bathroom goods. We spoke to Mark Wilson, director of WD Bathrooms, “Clear precise information is the key to selling successfully online, dimensions and clear images are important. As we sell throughout the UK, it is important that customers can look at the images and understand the quality of our products”.

The new products available on their website include Heated towel rails, Bathroom Taps and Freestanding Baths. The photoshoot took place in their Sheffield premises after the large quantities of goods were delivered in around two weeks before. The opportunity became available to take images of the products that would be displayed on their bathroom website.

The freestanding baths were the first in the line up and were shot against modern backdrops to give people an idea of how it would look in their bathroom. Bird’s eye views of the baths have also been taken so that customers can see the inside of the bath clearly. The range of freestanding baths consists of six various baths that are all different styles and prices to suit bathroom designs.

Rea, marketing manager at WD Bathrooms, told us, “It cannot be underestimated how important images are when trying to showcase products online. We have taken our own product images as we understand exactly what our customers want to see. Detailed images have been taken and close ups to give a clear image of what quality the products have to offer. Hopefully this will help customers understand the products better.”

The images are going to be published on the website in the next few weeks to showcase the product quality of the bathroom products available online. Due to competitive pricing customers do not always believe the quality of cheaper products that are available to buy online, by online retailers doing their own photo shoot it gives consumers the confidence to buy.

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