Custom Ice Scrapers Are Proven To Be Effective In Seasonal Brand Promotion

The success of a marketing strategy greatly depends upon the choice of the promotional gifting items. When it comes to seasonal promotion, the ice scrapers are indispensable, according to the promotional product manufacturers of

Online PR News – 22-May-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( OnlinePrnews ) May 21, 2009 -“Creating custom promotional products is a not a big deal today. It is just a matter of minutes to customize the promotional product of your choice with your promotional message and brand logo. You should always remember the fact that the poor selection of the promotional products will make the promotional campaign a complete failure, no matter what customization is done. I am not saying that any of the promotional products available in the market is bad. The success depends on the season in which the particular promotional product is sent out. It is wise to choose the ice scrapers ( during the winter season” says Carl of

Speaking about the ice scrappers in more detail, Mr. Carl said, “Ice scrapers fall under the utility promotional items. You will be well aware that these ice scrapers come in very handy during the winter season. Almost all of you clients drive vehicles in their daily life. Imagine a tool that you gifted them during winter helps them to clear their windshield and drive safely. You client will be satisfied with the promotional gift and that is what we call the success in brand promotion. Moreover, these ice scrapers cost less than a dollar and are highly useful. That is why we used to say, brand promotion is incomplete without these ice scrapers.”

He added that, “Ice scrapers come in different attractive shapes today. Unlike other ice scrapers ( available in the market, the products available with us offer a large surface area for printing your promotional message and logo. Thanks to the knowledge of our design team in creating effective designs for brand promotion. The keychain ice scrapers available with us have received a huge welcome. It has added more convenience to the people out there.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “When it comes to seasonal brand promotion, the ice scrapers are the excellent marketing tools. With the introduction of ice scrapers in some cool shapes, you clients will retain them till the next winter rather than just throwing them off after one use. This one time investment can get you a lot of authority and business. Remember the fact it is not wise to gift ice cream in winter or blankets in summer. Make the choice wise and the marketing success is yours.”


Discount Favors is one of the well know manufacturers and suppliers of promotional items. The product designing team of Discount Favors has created some attractive ice scrapers for more effective seasonal brand promotion in the crowd. For more information, visit,

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