Translation India provided Interpretation services during the IYCS global formation session

Translation India provides simultaneous interpretation equipment during the IYCS Global formation Session and 14th World Council held from 16th June, 2011 to 26th June 2011 in New Delhi, India.

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – The 14th IYCS World Council unveils at New Delhi today June 16th 2011. 120 YCS delegates from all over the world are participating in 10 days IYCS Global formation Session and 14th World Council. The theme is “Crisis and Conflicts in the World students Offering Hope”

The session started with many issues to discuses on the theme of Crisis, the word itself tells the story that as “How important would be the topic. The conference Began with visiting the church at Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi led by Rev. Vincent Concessso, Arch Bishop of Delhi to offer prayer to Jesus Criest and blessed with the blessings. Along-with Rev.Vincent Concessso, His grace Most Rev. Leo Cornelio - Chairman CBCI Youth Commission, Most Rev. Hypolite Adigwie - Bishop from Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Paul Tiga zangre - IYCS International Chaplain, Rev. Fr. James Molekunnel Chacho - YCS Asian Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Charles Menzes - National Chaplain YCS/YSM India, Rev. Fr. ALwyn M. J. D’souza - Secretary, CBCI Youth Office, India were main dignitaries among twenty other concelebrants for the inaugural day.

During the 7 daylong conference many important topics were discussed on various aspects to find solutions to the problems, which is been faced by the members of the IYCS members students of the world and tried to take out the concrete solutions for the same. The main problems they were being challenged were poverty, migrations, climate change and parental disturbance at home and teacher’s attitude at schools during classroom session. All the participants in the conference are students studying from class 10th to 12th in the school and some of them in colleges.

On the 7th day the study session got over on this the day, and the conclusion time came up for the studying session program. During the closer of the studying session, the closing remarks given by Arch bishop in His homily stressed the theme of the session “Crisis and Conflicts in the World” he listed various crises that are taking place in the world. He connected it to the Lord’s Prayer. We have a merciful Father, loving and forgiving father. We have to fight against the all types evils that are coming on the way.

In commemoration of 14th World Council Arch Bishop Vincent Concesso along with Indian Member of the parliament and the Opposition leader in Meghalaya assembly Cornad Sangma , Planted the plant in the cathedral premises with the dignitaries and delegates. Beside dignitaries from Christianity world there were many well known personalities from different religions to deliver the message to the young aspirants. Those among were Mr. Vijay Pandit, Mr.Mohammed Sadab and Mrs. Sahi Walia.

The next day the conference started with the debate of the elections of new candidate to take forward this movement. They elected new international chairperson, international general secretary, country heads and various other posts for their organization to take the movement forward for next 4 years unless next IYCS meeting takes place.

At the end, the attendees of the conference saw the face of the peoples who had taken complete in charge to conduct the 14th IYCS conference in the country. The responsible persons behind this were none other than Rev. Fr. Charles Menzes - National Chaplain YCS/YSM India and Mr. Eduardo Koutsava, IYCS general secretary from IYCS headquarters in Paris, is who were behind the curtains throughout out the conference. The person behind the organizing committee.

The 11 long day conference was organized officially in 3 languages. English, Spanish, French and later Chinese language added later to communicate efficiently with the attendee students from China along with French, Spanish and English Speaking participants, and various speaking leaders of Christianity world. The organizers of the conference were heaving the facility of Language translation and distribution systems throughout the entire conference. The attendant’s were provided with gadgets for simultaneous translation receivers and professional simultaneous translators during the conference.