Muscle Building Coach Reveals His Weight Gain Plan

Muscle building coach Jeff Masterson releases a muscle building plan called Weight Gain Blueprint which teaches skinny guys how to gain weight.

Online PR News – 11-July-2011 – – Muscle building coach, Jeff Masterson, has just announced the release of a weight gain plan, titled Weight Gain Blueprint.

Jeff Masterson is the owner of popular muscle building website, The Weight Gain Network. The website aims to help skinny guys in their quest to gain weight by offering a wide range of free information in the form of videos, articles, reports and blog posts.

To compliment this free information, and to act as the flagship product for the website, the Weight Gain Network has now released a new premium product called The Weight Gain Blueprint.

The Weight Gain Blueprint is effectively a weight gain plan for skinny guys. It charts the step-by-step process that Jeff Masterson used himself to build 40 pounds of muscle in just 5 months. Readers just follow the plan outlined in the report as they commence their own weight gain journey.

This announcement is likely to grab the attention of the Weight Gain Network’s many followers.

To date, users of the website would spend time browsing through the free videos and articles in order to gain an understanding of the basics of how to gain weight. Now with the release of the Weight Gain Blueprint, readers can take things to the next level with the greater level of detail that the 114 page PDF guide goes into.

The direct approach of the Weight Gain Blueprint is what Jeff Masterson is hoping will set his weight gain plan apart from his competitors.

Whilst many muscle building guides general workout plans for the average person, The Weight Gain Blueprint aims to cover only the essential techniques that a skinny guy needs follow in order to gain muscle.

“There's no beating around the bush here with muscle-building theory. There is not any of that boring college lecture material in here.

This is nothing but the hard-hitting truth that exposes the exact steps I took to gain 38 pounds of muscle mass in just 19 weeks” said Masterson.

When Masterson says the exact steps, he means the exact steps. Readers of his weight gain plan get the entire process laid out on a plate for them to copy, eliminating the need for guess work.

“Now people will never walk into the gym again without knowing exactly what they are doing. These are the exact workouts that are responsible for my massive spurt in muscle gains. Now everyone else can use them as well” he said.