Insurance Can Vary When a Friend Wrecks Your Vehicle

Florida car accident policies cover vehicles used by friends as long as they obtained permission. They might, however, seek additional monies from the friend's policy if a large loss is sustained.

Online PR News – 07-July-2011 – – Most individuals have had a situation where they lent their vehicle to a friend in need. The friend vows to borrow it for a few hours or days for a critical need and is so appreciative that they’re trusted with the vehicle. But what happens when the friend is involved in a car accident in Florida?

Luckily, a florida car insurance policy covers the vehicle and anyone using the car as long as it was used with permission. Auto insurance will pay for damage to the car or damage that others have experienced. The deductible still must be paid to get insurance to pay for any repairs. Should any bodily injury occur, the coverage amount selected for bodily injury liability will take care of a friend and any other passengers they had in the car. Depending on the extent of bodily harm and physical damage, insurance will cover the amount and might seek monies from the friend’s insurance to recover the loss.

But beware, if the damage exceeds the coverage amount, an injured party can try to seek compensation for their medical bills or property damage. An individual’s assets could be at risk, so it is wise to lend a vehicle only to someone who can be trusted more.

So what about a friend who would use the vehicle without permission and have an accident? The friend’s florida auto insurance would cover the damages incurred. If they don’t have insurance, vehicle damage and bodily injury would be covered under the vehicle owner’s policy. Insurance companies will assume that a friend was given permission, unless there is proof of driving under the influence or other types of recklessness.

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