Wisdek Announce Improved Coupon Based Online Marketing Website

With the increasing popularity of social media websites such as My Space, Twitter and Facebook and discount coupon directories.

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – With the increasing popularity of social media websites such as My Space, Twitter and Facebook and discount coupon directories such as Dealzone.ca, social media websites and discount coupon directories provide infinite opportunities for businesses to easily reach out to the masses worldwide. Consider what an online marketing campaign on Facebook that can potentially reach its 600 million users means for the brand and sales of your product or service. Additionally, since people on these websites are widely networked, the range of a marketer’s reach is increased even more. This aspect of social networking means that businesses can reach a bigger market than ever.

This past month, Wisdek has been working on expanding its marketing campaigns for businesses in the social media networks and discount coupon directories. The company recruited a business development manager who helped it define strategic goals and opportunities to accomplish its mission of helping businesses get the most out of marketing on social networks. It has successfully launched a website, DealZone.ca, which allows businesses to advertise different coupons and discounts to those in need of them.

Having clear objectives and goals is the prerogative to successful internet campaigns. If a company markets rarely and obscurely on the internet, their campaign will not work. An internet marketing campaign is something that must be done with full commitment to the resources needed. If any business is willing to put the resources and time in this project, Wisdek is ready to help. Wisdek has numerous on site technicians and sales representatives who have a passion for what they do. Prospective clients are welcome to meet with them for a consultation on optimization and how to achieve it. They also have a customer service department that is always available for queries on billing or technical issues.

Over the years businesses and entrepreneurs have come to trust Wisdek when it comes to executing successful marketing campaigns. The company’s managers and employees enter into working relationships with their clients for the long run. They stay in touch with their clients through various channels. For proper project tracking, they regularly update the client with data and fact sheets. Their technicians and web designers have a knack for fixing urgent glitches in the project. Customers can rest assured that Wisdek can fix whatever needs to be resolved.
Wisdek is the leading name in measurable, cost-effective online marketing .