C2Call’s FriendCaller Introduces Java-based Hassle-Free Video Calling

C2Call, the pioneer for Java-based VoIP calls via the browser, today introduced a complete browser-based echo-free video calling solution via the FriendCaller Web phone.

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – Sunnyvale, Calif., July 6, 2011 – C2Call, the pioneer for Java-based VoIP calls via the browser, today introduced a complete browser-based echo-free video calling solution via the FriendCaller Web phone.

C2Call was the first company to leverage the modern operating systems’ Java Virtual Machine (VM) to offer FriendCaller.com’s free Web phone calls to anyone, anywhere, without requiring users to download software or register. Once again, C2Call is the first company use Java to its advantage to introduce browser-based video calling.

Most browser-based video chat services use Flash enablement to make calls. Until today, FriendCaller was the only VoIP service using Java for browser call capabilities. The company’s announcement today coincides with Facebook’s announcement that it will partner with Skype to offer video calls. Unlike FriendCaller, Facebook’s solution requires an alternative installation flow of various Java plug-ins and exe files for each OS and browser combination. Furthermore, this configuration will not work on the Linux platform. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/notes/philip-su/building-video-calling/10150229123673920)

“Today’s announcement from Facebook is a significant endorsement of Java for large scale video calling and VoIP services, and until today we were pretty much alone in using Java for VoIP,” said Martin Feuerhahn, CEO of FriendCaller developer C2Call GmbH. “FriendCaller’s video calling feature supports an exceptional VoIP calling experience for users of our browser-based WebPhone, enabling them to chat with their FriendCaller contacts, or make free browser-based online video calls to friends who have not yet registered with FriendCaller, using their unique CallMe-Link, all without installing software or plug-ins.”

FriendCaller’s unique CallMe-Link technology makes it possible to connect with friends via free, PC-to-PC calls, even if they haven’t yet registered with FriendCaller. The FriendCaller CallMe-Link is a unique URL link that can be sent to anyone, even if they aren’t a FriendCaller user. When the recipient of the CallMe-Link clicks on it, they will be able to instantly call the sender, via their browser.

Video calling is currently available via FriendCaller’s WebPhone and Facebook app. Video calling for FriendCaller’s Apple® iPhone®, iPod Touch®, iPad™ will be available in July 2011, and for Android™ devices during Q3’11.

About C2Call
C2Call is the first company to offer free VoIP phone calls to anyone, without the need to download software or register. C2Call's FriendCaller is the first and only WebPhone solution that lets anyone make a free call by clicking a link sent via email, IM, social networks, blog or website. C2Call was founded in 2008 by CEO Martin Feuerhahn and CTO Michael Knecht, founders of Actai Networks, the mobile Internet solutions development company. C2Call is a venture-backed company that has generated more than $4 million in revenue since April 2010. Investors in C2Call include Bill Draper, an early Skype investor.
For more information visit www.FriendCaller.com.


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