Sri Gawn Tu Fahr, Author of Love's True Home – 1,300 Original Inspirational Quotes, Humor,Love Poems

Deborah Dachinger Interviews the Whimsical & Wise, Sri Gawn Tu Fahr on Dare to Dream Radio, the British Columbia Author of “Love’s True Home” who Discovered He really Hasn’t Gone Nearly Far Enough

Online PR News – 07-July-2011 – – It’s a long way to nowhere and the last time Jean-Pierre Gregoire (whose pen name is Sri Gawn Tu Fahr) arrived, he didn’t realize he was there until long after he departed. In his book, Sri writes: “Only 2 things can travel faster than the speed of light. The first is our vivid imagination: it can transport us instantly to an exotic planet a billion light years away. The second is a carload of shoppers heading for the Boxing Day specials at Wal-Mart.” Sri’s ponderings are upbeat and full of humor. He also shares from a deep and wise perspective, as in this quote from Sri Gawn Tu Fahr’s book: “There is very little difference between the computer in front of you and your mind; both are machines. Who is operating the machine? As humans, we often find that mind, a ruthless master, is running the show. If you truly seek freedom, allow divine love is your heart to be your guide, and that pesky mind will bother you no more.”

The whimsical and wise, Jean-Pierre Gregoire, lives in British Columbia and is an author, a songwriter, and a mega social media sensation, including 9 popular Facebook accounts. His web site is the same title as his book: “Love’s True Home,” an inspirational collection with irreverent humor. In Sri Gawn Tu Fahr’s humorous explanation he says he was born in a spectacular place called Synchroni City and somehow ended up in Tena City. And plans on returning to his birthplace soon!

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