Expert Reveals Reasons Your Dog May Be Itching

It can be painful to watch your dog itching constantly. The annoying itching goes on day and night driving you and your beloved dog crazy without any relief. Read below to find out more.

Online PR News – 06-July-2011 – – The constant itching and scratching can lead to loss of hair and bleeding or worse! So how do you stop your dog from itching?

First and most obviously you must determine the root cause of the itching.

Here are some of the most common causes for itchy skin:


Fleas are very common and also the easiest to determine. A quick visual inspection of your dog's skin and you will be able to determine whether or not this is the culprit of the dog's itching.

When your dog is itching but no fleas are present, some of the other causes may surprise you.


Mange is a persistent and contagious canine skin disease caused by microscopic mites that make your dog's skin, its home. These mites embed themselves in the skin or hair causing severe itching and eventual hair loss.

Diagnosis of mange is usually determined by taking your dog to the vet and the vet then performing a "skin scraping" from multiple areas of the dog. The scrapings are then examined under a microscopic to determine if the mange causing mites are present.

There is a simple test that can be performed with astonishing accuracy. Take the dog's ear in your hand and gently scratch it. If the dog raises his hind leg in a scratching motion, it is very likely that your dog has mange being that the mites gravitate towards the ears.

Psychological Issues

Psychological issues are unfortunately the hardest to determine and treat. Most issues have to do with some sort of anxiety that your dog is experiencing.

Below is a list of the most common anxieties your pet will face.

Separation Anxiety

Travel Anxiety

Noise Anxiety

Change Anxiety

Separation anxiety is probably the most common type of anxiety facing dogs today.

Some treatments for separation anxiety are recommended below.

Exercise - You may be surprised to know that a lack of exercise can be a huge problem for dogs as much of that pent up energy will be released in either outwardly destructive or inwardly destructive patterns.

Proper Obedience Training - A new dog (especially) needs to know that you are the "pack leader" of the house. Many will be confused not knowing what role they play. Obedience training is important and will train your dog to know it is alright when you leave the house and that as your position of the "alpha dog", you will protect and care for them.

For more severe cases, your vet can prescribe a medicine designed to promote calming in your dog.

The following two conditions account for most of the dog itching conditions when flea infestations are eliminated.

Nutritional issues

Nutritional deficiencies can undoubtedly cause itchy, dry skin in your dog. Believe it or not, most commercial dog foods do not contain all of the nutritional requirements that your dog needs to maintain optimum health.

Much more effort is put into dog food marketing and taste than actually creating a dog food with the optimal dietary requirements that your dog needs.

This condition can be easily combated with a quality dog vitamin that will provide the additional nutrients and minerals that your dog's food alone just doesn't provide.


Allergies in your dog can be caused by many different factors. Dogs can be particularly vulnerable to a whole host of environmental irritants. As in humans, our dogs can develop an inappropriate immune response to certain substances.

Airborne allergies such as pollen, dust and mold can cause allergic itching as well. Although it is quite difficult to eliminate airborne substances all together, you can use hypo allergenic air filters in your house and increase your cleaning ritual to eliminate as many of these particular allergens as possible.

One of the most common and often overlooked causes of dog allergies is the dog food they are consuming. As in humans, food allergies are very prevalent. This may be as simple as changing your dogs food. Finding the dog food that relieves all of your dogs allergic itching may be very difficult because a lot of the commercial dog foods manufactured use much of the same ingredients.

The first line of defense for your dog is to ensure that they have the proper diet and nutrition. Providing quality dog foods that contain plenty of good sources of protein, and that are low in grains and meat by products will ensure that your dog has a healthy digestive system and a boosted immune system.

Supplementing your dogs diet with a quality dog vitamin will ensure that your dog will have the optimum dietary requirements to maintain a healthy immune defense against allergies.


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