Crestmark Bank Selects Certeon to Optimize Its Commercial Financing Systems Backup Business

Crestmark Bank Reduces Replication Time by 92 Percent with Certeon’s aCelera Sync

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – BURLINGTON, Mass. — Unplanned IT downtime results in more than $26.5 billion in lost revenue annually due to the significant costs to organizations in order to restore lost data and employee productivity. In fact, a recent survey shows that IT downtime costs businesses an average of 545 hours per company per year in employee productivity.* Crestmark Bank recognized the implications of this business risk and associated technical challenges, and selected Certeon’s aCelera Sync to avoid the potential decrease in productivity and associated revenue loss. With the aCelera solution in place with Dell EqualLogic, the bank decreased its replication times by 92 percent.

Crestmark operates its corporate data center in Michigan and a disaster recovery site more than 450 miles away that employs Dell EqualLogic PS5000e SAN. Replicating 280 GigaBytes of data took Crestmark 24 hours prior to implementing Certeon’s aCelera Sync solution. After a quick installation, Crestmark was able to back up its critical data in just two hours, resulting in enhanced protection from the risks of unplanned downtime. Crestmark found Certeon’s solution to be less expensive and more compatible with its current virtualized server and storage infrastructure than other solutions on the market, including hardware-based solutions.

“Before installing aCelera Sync, it took us 24 hours to backup and replicate our critical data – much too long of a window because of the critical financial data that our customers need to access on a regular basis,” said Mike Chmiel, systems engineer, Crestmark. “With aCelera Sync, we’ve seen a 92 percent decrease in replication times, down to an average of just two hours. The technology ensured that the service to our customers remained constant, as we don’t have to deal with the repercussions of a data center crash and the resulting data restoration. Additionally, the quick and efficient implementation of the aCelera software solution allowed us to see the results in just one day.”

Low bandwidth, high latency, contention and packet loss can result in long backup windows and the need to buy more bandwidth. aCelera Sync, however, is specifically designed to overcome those challenges and enable enterprises like Crestmark Bank to quickly and efficiently achieve their recovery time and recovery point objectives.

“Ensuring you’re protecting your company against unplanned downtime is critical to an enterprise’s on-going operations and long term success,” said Peter Dougherty, co-founder and CEO, Certeon. “With more and more data threatening to overwhelm WAN resources, implementing a solution like Certeon’s aCelera Sync avoids the need to buy more bandwidth and addresses the challenges of slow backup and replication times. We were pleased to see Crestmark achieve instant results, reducing their unplanned downtime risk while controlling their OpEx costs.”

aCelera virtual appliance software is built to reduce response time, increase scalability and lower IT application service costs. aCelera Sync software delivers the industry’s most flexible and lowest total cost solution that simultaneously reduces backup and recovery windows while lowering network bandwidth requirements for the business continuity market. The solution also enables IT and storage managers to increase the coverage of their remote business continuity environments and eliminate the costs and risks of off-site tape transport and storage. aCelera Sync makes backup and replication “as often as needed” a reality.

Certeon’s aCelera Sync optimizes the value of industry-leading backup and replication solutions, including, but not limited to, products from Compellent, Dell EqualLogic CommVault, Double-Take, EMC, FalconStor, LeftHand, Network Appliance and Symantec.

*Source: CA Technologies
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Certeon is the application performance company. With Certeon, enterprises and cloud providers successfully realize key initiatives including consolidation, virtualization, replication and application SLA’s. Certeon’s aCelera is the only software-based product that is hypervisor agnostic, hardware agnostic and cost effective. aCelera’s ability to provide automated, secure and optimized access to centralized applications at the lowest possible TCO make aCelera a cornerstone of enterprise and cloud provider infrastructures. Additional information about Certeon is available at

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Crestmark is a nationally recognized provider of working capital solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Financing solutions include asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing, traditional factoring, discount factoring, payroll financing, and invoice financing. An FDIC-insured bank, Crestmark has extensive experience helping many industries, including manufacturing, staffing, transportation, petrochemical, and more. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with regional offices in Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee; they have offices located throughout the country. For more information, visit

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