My JogStyle recommends: „Try something new - run backwards!“

RetroRunning or simply running backwards - a new trend sport? MyJogStyle explains this exciting style of running and where it comes from.

Online PR News – 07-July-2011 – – A very new experience, an unforgettable feeling, and some variation in your monotone training? Interested? Then try to run backwards! Sounds weird, but in fact it is highly effective for body and soul. My JogStyle explains, why running backwards is worthwhile and where this crazy trend sport comes from.
Who thinks “RetroRunning” is a new-fangled running alternative, is completely wrong. At the beginning of the 19th century this alternative form of running already has been mentioned for the first time and has developed into a popular sport worldwide especially over the last 10 years. By now there are even European and world championships. The Frenchman Christian Grollé is the first pioneer known by name. A marathon in reverse gear? This was first mastered by the Austrian Johannes Gosch in 2003, which simultaneously earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The German athlete Roland Wegner now promotes this new sport already since 2001 under the term “RetroRunning” with his same-named book and website. Meanwhile the trend has spread into several countries such as Italy, Belgium, France, Austria, USA and Mexico.

Also the running blog “My JogStyle” is impressed by this sportive form of art. What might look strange on the street actually is a good and healthy training alternative. Running backwards is much less stressful for the back and the joints than normal jogging, as other muscles are strained and the upper body gets trained more effectively.
“RetroRunning” stimulates the right hemisphere, enhances the senses and improves the concentration as well as the sense of balance. Of course, it needs some training: First you should choose an even route without potholes or irregularities to prevent croppers. Self-evidently, you should start slowly and look over the right and left shoulder alternately. Little by little everyone has to find the ideal posture for himself. At best, you run as a pair, so one can run forward and keep an eye on the route.
Running backwards enhances the body’s fitness and increases the calorie consumption compared to common jogging. So, who would like to have some variation and a better posture, should just try it! Numerous further topics and more information about running, health and nutrition can be found online on