Bison Educational Systems has been hard at work developing a database of online questions and answers that resemble those on state proficiency tests. A resource to better prepare students.

Bison Educational Systems is an online database full of questions and answers that are similar to those on state proficiency and standardized testing.

Online PR News – 22-December-2009 – – Bison Educational Systems is an online tool that provides resources not only to teachers but to students at all levels. Bison has created a streamline process for educators and provided them with tremendous resources for the highest level of on-line educational support.

The sharing of resources between participating departments of education will be facilitated through Bison's Question Bank Program. Students, educators, and school districts
will benefit greatly from the content. There is access to a wealth of questions, which match up with each state's specific learning outcomes. Bison has worked to incorporate elaborate charts, graphs, and pictures that are common on state achievement tests. All of these items are presented in a very user-friendly format that is unprecedented. Easily make a practice test by first selecting what grade, subject and state. Then, select what questions you wish to be on the practice test from the database of questions. Finally, print your test in both student format and teacher format (with the answer key). A proven way to make sure students are prepared for the state standardized tests.

Currently, there is nothing else on the market comparable to what will be our finished product. The arduous task of logging on to each state department's website and sifting through the large amount of content is finished. Teachers that would like to infuse the use of the complicated visuals with their daily lessons will be able to do so. Simply put, we are presenting a tremendous upgrade over anything available at this time.

Here are a few of the reasons why our program will become a staple in the field of providing the best possible education.

* Create short cycle assessments
* Create quarterly assessments
* Provide a variety of presentations in regard to a single learning outcome
* Construct present levels of performance for I.E.P.'S
* Create I.E.P. goals and objectives
* Create curriculum-based assessments
* Access material for home instruction
* Customize individual student learning outcome needs
* Implement and document interventions
* Provide more meaningful homework assignments

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