Launch of the social game Q.B.I. Qualified Bureau of Investigation

QBI is a social game which you have the mission to solve criminal investigations.
After creating your avatar you will have to build your bureau of investigation and set up your own team to analyze crime scenes.
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Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – Launch of QBI a new social game of criminal investigation

QBI: Qualified Bureau of Investigation
The player will take the lead of an agency and will have to recruit a team of experts to resolve investigation and move forward in history. Its missions will :
• Build and developing its QBI
• Make advance its Avatar
• Establish and manage a team
• Assign its team for missions
• Solve case as an episode

The game will take place per season like the series, the first season will have 28 episodes for a hundred missions.
The player can invite his friends to open agencies, send them clues to help them in their investigations and visit his agency.