Warning: Summer Heightens Bed Bug Infestations; Read The 13 Second Solution from BedBugBully.com

Warm summer weather increases bed bug incidents. With BedBugBully, the negative effects and the farther spread of the said pests can be prevented.

Online PR News – 06-July-2011 – – The warm weather of summer is favorable to bed bugs' spread and multiplication. Thus, reports of bed bug incidents can now be regularly read or seen. Because of that, everybody needs to be cautious when doing outdoor activities or going for summer vacation.

In response to the heightened bed bug alert, BedBugBully.com is sharing some tips to prevent contact with the pests. Additionally, the site also offers a way to get rid of bed bugs effectively and safely in case they get past the preventive steps.

To know what those preventive steps are, readers can go to http://www.BedBugBully.com.

In case the crawling pests get past the laid out defenses, the site primarily suggests the use of BedBugBully, a green bed bug spray. It is made of biodegradable ingredients and so it is safe for the environment and human health.

Before its official release to the public, BedBugBully was first tested by several hospitals and pest control companies. And because of the satisfying results of the product and the positive responses of the subjects, Markus Skupieka and the rest of his team decided to launch it to the public.

Skupeika is the Chief Executive Officer of MyCleaningProducts, the manufacturer of BedBugBully. Basically, the said bed bug killer is just one of the company's green cleaners.

When asked what the product can offer, Skupeika has this to say: “BedBugBully can promise three things to our customers: safety, effectiveness and ease of use. It is a product that's made of natural ingredients. It contains no toxic that can harm the planet nor anybody who gets exposed to it. And as proven by lab tests and by many other users, it can kill the pests effectively just by simple and direct application to the area infested.”

Readers can check out http://www.onlineprnews.com/news/150848-1309290777-bed-bugs-found-in-da-office-again-bed-bug-bully-offers-solution-to-prevent-3rd-infestation.html/preview for another bed bug story.

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