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Dust mites, pollen and mold are all irritants to allergy sufferers that make summer time especially difficult., an online retailer of healthy home products for allergy relief, reveals several good tips on how to manage your allergies in your home and enjoy the summer.

Online PR News – 05-July-2011 – – Dust mites, pollen and mold are all summer irritants to allergy sufferers which makes this time of year especially difficult. offers these tips on how to manage your allergies within your home and enjoy the summer.

1. Encase your mattress, box spring, pillows and comforter in dust mite covers.
2. Keep humidity below 50%, ideally between 30-40% using dehumidifiers and air conditioning.
3. Keep your closet door closed. Clothes can harbor dust if the door is left open.
4. Avoid upholstered furniture if possible. Use plastic, leather or wood furniture instead.
5. Remove carpeting when possible or use a low pile carpet or throw rugs on bare floors. Wash throw rugs frequently.
6. Use microfiber for dusting instead of regular mops or cloths.
7. Use light washable drapes, or vertical blinds which you can dust, on your windows.
8. Use high quality air purifiers to filter out airborne allergens in your bedroom and other living areas. Find one that will do the job at low frequency so that you do not have to live with noise of a filter at high speed.
9. Dust and vacuum twice a week using a HEPA vacuum cleaner. This will reduce the small particle dust in the room.
10. Use a vapor steam cleaner on your bedding and/or scatter rugs to assist in killing dust mites between washes.
11. Change your air conditioners filters before the summer starts.
12. Discourage pets from bedrooms. Mites feed on pet dander as well your skin flakes. (We know this is a tough one but it will make a big difference!)

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