LAB2LAB Sample Management Success

TTP LabTech Publishes Customer Case Studies in Leading Industry Journals

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – TTP LabTech has recently highlighted the success of its LAB2LAB®, pneumatic microtube management and delivery system, with leading articles published in the respected industry journals, Genetic Engineering News (GEN) and Drug Discovery News (DDN). The articles focus on the workflow benefits to the customer provided by the LAB2LAB® platform. The ability of LAB2LAB® to connect researchers in remote laboratories, throughout research facilities, improves scheduling and accessibility of sensitive analytical instruments and boosts workflow for entire teams.

These articles discuss the importance of providing laboratory chemists with greater access to the analytical power of instruments such as LC/MS and GC/MS. Authored in collaboration with Dr. Brian Everatt, Investigator III, Novartis, LAB2LAB’s® success will be supported by a presentation, given by Brian at 5pm on 30 June at the upcoming European Lab Automation conference, Hamburg Germany.

•Drug Discovery Tutorial published in GEN (Vol. 31, No. 12, June 2011), entitled “Lab Transport and Management System: LAB2LAB® Designed to Connect Remote Labs to a Central Instrument Facility” (
•Case study published in DDN (Vol. 7, No. 6 June 2011), entitled “Increasing Access for Medicinal Chemists with LAB2LAB®” (;

Characterising the chemical nature of intermediate products from complex synthetic reactions is essential, with delays in analysis causing sample degradation or preventing the efficient production of a compound. A study of the time taken between submission of samples for analysis and delivery of results back to the scientist, indicated that LAB2LAB® significantly boosted workflow and reduced analysis time within a central core facility, prioritising urgent samples for analysis and holding non-urgent samples within a temporary buffer until an instrument becomes free.

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