Lemonade Diet Celebrates It’s 70th Anniversary

Get to know about the many health benefits of The Lemonade Diet and why it has remained popular for over seven decades. Mainstream celebrities, such as Beyonce and Jared Leto, have endorsed the Master Cleanse diet.

Online PR News – 09-July-2011 – – Las Vegas, Nevada - The Lemonade Diet has stood the test of time. The all-natural lemonade diet has been around for over 70 years, and with good reason — it does what it claims. With the lemonade diet, weight loss is not attained through starvation, unnatural diet supplements, or artificial means, so cheating occurs less frequently and post-weight gain is uncommon. Perhaps, this is also why there are so many repeat lemonade cleansers.
The Lemonade Diet, also referred to as the Master Cleanse diet, has gained tremendous popularity in the media recently. Beyonce followed the master cleanse diet recipe to look slender while playing her younger self in the film, “Dreamgirls”. Beyonce talked about her 20-pound weight loss with the lemonade diet on Oprah. Those looking to lose weight in a healthy fashion should definitely opt for the Beyonce diet. The Beyonce master cleanse diet can truly help you to embrace a healthy way of life! Prominent personalities like Jared Leto and Robin Quivers have also benefited from the lemonade diet.
The wondrous lemonade cleanse created by expert dietician Stanley Burroughs is unlike so many other diets, some say, because it facilitates long-term weight loss by “naturally” reducing toxic fat deposits. Lemonade Diet testimonials spanning seven decades substantiate this claim. Just check out lemonade diet reviews across the web.
The calories absorbed during your lemonade diet are packed with nutrient rich vitamins so you can remain active and full of vitality while cleansing. The lemonade diet recipe calls for the natural antioxidant lemon, as well as cayenne pepper, which is known for its natural blood cleansing properties. Organic, grade b maple syrup is a vitamin packed key ingredient in the master cleanse recipe. Herbal laxative tea and uniodized sea salt are used during the lemon diet to help aid in bowel elimination. To attain desired results, be sure to adhere to lemonade diet instructions. Complete lemonade diet recipe information and Master Cleanse Kits can be found at http://www.thelemonadesite.com. Here is to another 70 years of good health, detoxification, and weight loss!