New Website Teaches Skinny Guys How To Gain Weight

Jeff Masterson, owner of Weight Gain Network shows skinny guys how to gain weight using proven dieting and training methods.

Online PR News – 06-July-2011 – – The Weight Gain Network website recently went live online, and is already starting to make a name for itself. The Weight Gain Network teaches skinny guys how to gain weight and build muscle fast.

The website is a free resource that compiles all the information that website owner, Jeff Masterson, has compiled over the years on his own weight gain journey. Jeff has the genetics of a skinny guy, but after years of trial and error he finally discovered how to gain weight. He now aims to share this information with his readers so that they do not have to make the same mistakes he did.

“I've gathered weight training and dieting knowledge from various sources - like books, websites and weight gain programs - and I managed to gain over 63 pounds.

I took what I've learned and put my experience into this site so other people don't have to go through all the trial and error I did” said Masterson.

The Weight Gain Network provides readers with a wealth of free information. Key sections include articles on how to design a workout program, dieting techniques and weight training techniques, as well as information on weight gain supplements.

The website has a strong community feel that seems to have contributed to its early success.

Over 62,000 people have subscribed to receive website updates via email, and over 200 people have ‘liked’ the website on Facebook. There is a large audience out there whom want to learn how to gain weight, but most muscle building programs do not cater for the skinny guy in mind. The Weight Gain Network seems to have stepped in to fill this gap in the market.

To entice new visitors to the Weight Gain Network, Jeff Masterson is currently giving away a free report titled "7 Hard Gainer Mistakes".

In this exclusive report, Masterson shares the 7 biggest mistakes he made when he first started his weight gain journey. The report is likely to save beginners a lot of time and heartache as they start out on their own weight gain journey.

The report has a value of $25, so the fact that Masterson is currently offering this report to newcomers to the website for free shows his commitment to developing a relationship with his readers and showing them how to gain weight.

"All the resources are here for my readers. And that was my goal: to create a one-stop web portal that any guy could come to and immediately get the information he's looking for" he said.