Security Stronghold Deal Delivers a Quality Lifetime Upgrade Antivirus

Finally a quality antivirus software with a lifetime upgrade policy but can only be purchase at the Lifetime Upgrades website. No where else is this upgrade policy possible.

Online PR News – 05-July-2011 – – Lifetime Upgrades and Security Stronghold have joined together to give their customers an unbelievable offer. Security Stronghold will honor a lifetime upgrade policy for every purchase of their software Stronghold Antivirus, but only if it is made through the Lifetime Upgrades website.

If you have never heard of Stronghold Antivirus, it may be the future of antivirus protection. No longer will your system be bogged down by services being ran. Stronghold Antivirus will work in the background at designated times protecting your PC. Stronghold Antivirus offers a simple and sleak Windows interface that is easy to use but is as powerful as all the rest.

The advantages to owning this software is the following:
1.Protection against old and modern viruses.
2.Protection against sypware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, and malware.
3.Registry scanning.
4.Scanning of the running processes, BHOs, cookies, and much more.
5.Customizable to its scanning parameters.
6.Lifetime Upgrades.

No other reputable antivirus on the internet is offered with such an upgrade policy and no where else will you see this type of policy being listed except for Lifetime Upgrades.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this is the same antivirus you will receive from Stronghold's website so after purchase, you can always get the latest version. You can get this antivirus software with a lifetime upgrade and it will cost you the same as a single year license from any other website offering the same antivirus software.

About Lifetime Upgrades:
Lifetime Upgrades is a third party software site and is well versed with the demands of software upgrades. We offer great deals and the largest selection of software possible in the market with a lifetime upgrade. Lifetime Upgrades is a company established in 2008 by me to provide the best serives in the field of lifetime upgrade software.