Canada Credit Fix Starts Summer with a Zang!

On the heels of last month’s rumours, Canada Credit Fix’s President and Director shrugged off a $223 Million Dollar offering to buy out his Canadian credit repair and debt settlement company; a new announcement has surfaced just in time for summer. Canada Credit Fix will start off the season with a Zang!

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – Canada Credit Fix Starts Summer with a Zang!
On the heels of last month’s rumors, Canada Credit Fix’s President and Director shrugged off a 223 million dollar offering to buy out his Canadian Credit Repair and Debt Settlement company. A spokesman for Canada Credit Fix did state that they have no plans on selling its Canadian operations and in alternative will be releasing their revolutionizing new platform Zang.

Canada Credit Fix has just announced the release date for the coming launch of ZANG COMMERCE and ZANG CONNECT; their new platforms designed to administer referrals and leads to their affiliates and network across Canada. Canada Credit Fix has been in the credit repair and debt settlement industry for several years and is discovered by 40,000 to 50,000 Canadians each month. Canada Credit Fix proudly boasts an 85% success rate in credit improvement for their members, and averages a 30 to 90 day turnaround time for both credit repair and debt settlement. That said most of their members have joined their programs to take advantage of the free services such as credit repair and debt settlement for the purpose of gaining new credit, purchasing homes, automobiles and investments.

Part of the program offered to Canada Credit Fix members is assistance with credit score improvement, credit rebuilding and obtaining new credit. Canada Credit Fix states that almost 90% of their members that are looking to buy homes, cars and investments, have been using the services of their affiliate mortgage brokers, realtors, dealerships and insurance sources. President Sheldon Wolf says “It just makes sense for those looking to utilize their repaired or improved credit with our professional affiliates. Firstly, we know that our customers will be dealing with registered professionals that have been pre-screened to our high standards and will offer quality services and discounts exclusively to our members." Canada Credit Fix knows these industries and will only partner or affiliate with agents, brokers and dealerships that have met the lengthy criteria required to be approved and accepted in their referral program.

What is Zang Connect and who gets to join? Zang is best described as a portal or a matrix created by Canada Credit Fix that will link their many thousands of viable Canadian consumers to the right professional in their region. The director of marketing for Canada Credit Fix is confident that this new system will revolutionize how consumers will connect with their affiliates and businesses. Here is how it works; imagine a massive online dating site that instead of linking Guys to Girls and Girls to Guys for a date, it will instead allow the matching of Consumers to affiliated Businesses, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Financial Planners, Insurance Companies, Auto Dealers and various other off shoot businesses such as lawyers, appraisers and home inspectors. The reverse side of the system is where the Businesses, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Financial Planners and Auto Dealers etc are able to contact the consumers whom are in the market for these services. Essentially, Zang is a match making system that promotes the exclusive affiliates of Canada Credit Fix to their members and consumers, making the search for unlimited regional clients as easy as picking apples off of a tree. Most businessmen knows that if you are in an industry that is competitive, commission based and relies on consumers having to utilize credit in order to make purchases; finding loyal customers is the hard part. Zang delivers loyal customers right to the professionals desk top and has an endless supply of viable consumers. Zang produces a good deal or a bargain from a trusted referral source for the consumer, and a new revenue source that has simply been unheard of previously for the affiliate businesses. Zang has simply created a win and win alike relationship for both the businesses and the customers.

Zang Connect is named after a term in Chinese medicine that refers to the five organs making up the system that allows life to the body. Zang Commerce is composed of five key essential ingredients to North American life; Credit (mortgages & Loans), Real Estate, Automotive, Investment and Insurance. Zang is best described as a hub offering five segments of services that Canadians rely on in day to day life. Canada Credit Fix has simply invented a true gateway to a network of experts and professionals that their members can rely on, trust ,and take advantage of.

While Canada Credit Fix will allow their thousands of consumer members access to use the Zang Connect services for free as part of their membership; the businesses and affiliates will have to both qualify to Zang standards and pay a minimal monthly fee for access to the Zang Commerce portal. That said, imagine being in real estate, mortgages, or auto sales and having unlimited regional customers and leads at the touch of a button. Also included in the program is the ability for the affiliate to be allowed to enter their business information and promotions in the Credit Binder and Credit Finder exclusive recommended directory and classified system. Each affiliate or business is expected and encouraged to offer either Zang Exclusive specials or discounts to the consumer members as part of the Zang philosophy. Zang Commerce will not accept referral fees or kick backs, and suggests that any such fee that would have been payable should simply be converted into discount or credit for the customer. Zang was designed as a public service to benefit both their loyal affiliates and consumers and makes 100% of their revenue from corporate user fees and advertising sources.

Canada Credit Fix expects the official launch of Zang Commerce to be August 1st 2011 and has already accepted applications from hundreds of businessmen, companies and agencies across Canada. Canada Credit Fix has stated they will take the balance of July to process, research and screen the proposals of the various businesses and affiliates to insure they are up to the high standards they expect for their consumer members. The approved affiliates are told that they will be notified within weeks of their application or proposal and welcomes new companies to apply. Canada Credit Fix has opened up an online application system temporarily on their current affiliation website and will only approve a limited amount of businesses into each category, industry and city, thus eliminating the competition for their successfully approved corporate members. "We have set the bar high for our corporate friends and we want to insure that they are both successful and profitable with our shared business solutions, while insuring that our consumer members get the best service and value." stated Zang's regional marketing director.