New trend of CODE Professional Corporate Sales Training in Turkey

A new kind of valuable service of Professional Corporate Sales Training has been introduced in Turkey by the CODE Sales Engineering with the basic intention of providing efficacious training

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – Istanbul, Turkey ( onlineprnews ) July 1, 2011 - CODE Sales Engineering Services, the first sales development Company in Turkey, have opened their services with the main objectives of promoting businesses with a different view of sales operations with the latest new-generation techniques and methods. Possessing an efficient team, they are imparting a practical-oriented training on how to increase the sales by which many customers have reached something more than their expected solutions.

“You are experiencing problems, it cannot solve the problems created by staying the plane of thought”, is one of the famous quotes by Albert Einstein and that’s the main principle of CODE Sales Training group too. Keeping this in mind, the company team had just ultimately stepped out into natural course of action rather than staying idle. It’s a very obviously well-known fact that rapid sales developments only lead to good economic improvements but there is an absence of aids to increase sales, especially in Turkish markets. Therefore, the CODE has been established as a consulting company providing a multitude of provision of services like International Sales Development tools, Sales Techniques and Methods for Next-Generation Sales, channels of communications, effective use of the internet media and marketing in the field, everything taught and trained in the form of latest innovations and techniques.

CODE has recently started a facility for Professional Corporate Sales Trainings as a helping aid for companies looking forward to increase the efficiency of their sales departments. This training forum incorporates all the essential elements that are required to boost up the sales in a business by a brilliant training session managed by a profession team of experts who are Scholars in sales development and management taking the human psychology of customers into consideration.

The training provided is a wholesome package of Sales training dozens of books, international literature and the academic program and a well-blended training. The special news about this training session is that, completely new technologies have been tried to introduce into the Turkish market for a marked enhancement in sales. All these services are done with systematic Sales Engineering packages at reasonable costs which yield a high-quality output. So, it’s high time that the Turkish business experts can try out these training services for their effective increase in performance in the sales departments.


Code Consulting Sales trainings are completely different and professional way to develop sales engineering skills for Professional Sales Teams. They have been offering full range of sales development aids for Mid – Big volume companies in Turkey. For more info, please log on to