Weight Gain Network Publishes New Article About How To Gain Muscle Mass

Jeff Masterson explains how to gain muscle mass even if you're a skinny guy.

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – Popular muscle building website, Weight Gain Network, has just announced the publication of their latest article titled “How To Gain Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys and Hardgainers”.

The Weight Gain Network is a website dedicated to teaching people how to gain muscle mass. Over 62,000 readers have subscribed to receive the latest Weight Gain Network updates as and when they happen, showing just how in demand their material is.

This popularity of the articles from the Weight Gain Network is largely due to the exclusivity and quality of content, which always aims to educate. The latest article, “How To Gain Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys”, lives up to this standard.

The article is divided into 3 main sections: the weight gain exercises, planning a weight gain workout, and the weight gain diet. Each section provides a useful titbit of information to readers about how to gain muscle mass.

That is the nature of the Weight Gain Network, they aim to provide readers with small chunks of key information in each article so as to avoid information overload and to make the content more digestible.

“I cover a few key points in each article because I go over everything in detail in my Weight Gain Blueprint Program, and there is not enough space in a single web post to cover all the ins-and-outs.

If readers just apply the key techniques disused in each article then they will see results” said Weight Gain Network owner, Jeff Masterson.

In addition to educating readers about how to gain muscle mass, this latest publication aims to set straight a few muscle building myths and misconceptions. Regular readers will have noticed that this is a recurring theme throughout the website. Weight Gain Network is of the opinion that in order for skinny guys to build muscle, they need to follow guidelines designed specially for skinny guys.

And not just generic workouts published for the average person.

“This isn’t the same generic rehashed advice you will find in bodybuilding magazines or on Internet forums. This information is specifically for skinny guys who want to gain muscle mass. This isn’t for chubby guys or guys who already have a ton of muscle mass to work with. This is only for skinny guys who have a difficult time gaining muscle mass and keeping it” stated Masterson.