Croydon Handyman Delivers Property Maintenance with a Smile to Croydon and Beyond

Wherever property maintenance and other handyman services are required, the Handy Man Van can be seen patrolling with Dan Wiggs in command. Dan is a Croydon handyman and has recently begun servicing residents of Croydon and neighboring communities.

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – The rather dismal service climate today has given rise to the saying that goes something like this: good help is hard to find. Not so for residents of Croydon, thanks to a new service launched by Dan Wiggs, a Croydon handyman with the penchant to fix all things in need of repair in and around the home. Those seeking handyman services Croydon need not search any further, for Dan with the Handy Man Van can travel to places in need of assistance, and can render services on the spot and often can complete the work in the same day. Indeed, unlike a specialist who focuses singularly on one specific type of service, Dan is a true one stop shop and can perform myriad home related services that ordinarily might require multiple service providers.

Not so long ago the concept of honest personal service was ubiquitous and the industry was dominated by entrepreneurs who held the interests of their client front and center. It was understood by the populace that when they entered into an agreement, they would receive the services they requested, and at a fair cost. The citizenry was also confident in the fact that in the event that something was not to their satisfaction, the service provider would work with them to get things right. The idea that the customer is always right was a commonly held and respected principle by both service providers and their clients.

Regretfully, it is becoming clear that in today's service industry, such an idea is becoming increasingly rare. The advent of big business and outsourced service is giving rise to a fleet of front line service providers that behave more like production line machinery than handy men with character. The prevailing incentive for service providers today is volume, and oftentimes, quality takes a dive in their quest to maximize transaction count. The personal touch has given way to the bottom line: it's no longer a matter of client satisfaction as much as it is about number of services rendered.

Against this backdrop Dan Wiggs decided to launch his own handyman service, one that would restore the confidence of the consumer in their service provider. As a Croydon handyman, Dan's objective is to provide guaranteed quality service at a fair price. Moreover, Dan is focused on delivering his service with a personal touch, because above all else, he understands that his clients deserve to be treated as friends and not as another job that contributes to the bottom line.

"I entered the service industry because I have a passion for fixing things and I truly enjoy delivering solutions to people in need. Because I am skilled in multiple disciplines, I am able to offer a wide array of services to people in South Croydon and neighboring communities. I believe in delivering quality guaranteed personalized service because in the end it really is about client satisfaction more than anything else," explains Dan Wiggs, the proprietor behind The Handy Man Van.

The Handy Man Van is a newly launched service company that delivers property maintenance work for the people of Croydon and neighboring communities. Services are rendered personally by Dan Wiggs, a highly regarded businessman who has a history of delivering quality solutions to people in need of service.

Dan Wiggs
(voice) 0800 488 0185