Lori Jenaire Brings Her Philanthropic Heart And Melodic Passion To Two New Singles

Vocalist, Lori Jenaire Brings Her Philanthropic Heart And Melodic Passion To Two New Singles. Lori's New Recordings Spotlight Military Life With “Angel In Uniform”

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – Lori ‘s new recordings spotlight military life with “Angel in Uniform” as well as awakening hearts with her new release “I Remember”.

Jenaire brings her melodic passion to her songs with an originality and soulful expression coupled with the signature sound of co-writer, pianist Gail Jhonson. “Angel in Uniform” speaks of love and encouragement dedicated to the American Spirit, homage to those that serve in our military and the families that support those that protect our freedom.

Jenaire gives back to her fans by honoring the bravery, courage and tenacity of those in the military and their families. It takes a ‘certain kind of person’ to become a soldier on all levels. Lori Jenaire gives her musical voice to hearts that know how challenging it can become not having our significant other, mother, father, brother, sister and friend away serving our country. “I wanted to give them a sense of faith, that we know the sacrifice involved and are aware of the struggle being split apart and to live with this risk everyday” says Lori.

“Think of velvet breezes when you listen to the voice of Lori Jenaire, she cradles your listening ear with story-telling that appeals to the lyrical dance of song and melody, states Jaijai Jackson, Creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide. Lori has always been one of the network’s favorites, she had carved her niche in neo-jazz/soul and we are excited to be featuring the launch of her new singles.”

In addition to her philanthropic patriotic offering, Jenaire also releases a song entitled “I remember”. “I always loved this song” written by Steven Sondheim, It has imagery in the lyrics, it deserved an orchestral arrangement complimenting the cinematic sensibilities. Memories are the foundation that keep us lifted on our journeys. Love and beauty are always vibrant in our heats beyond the tangible, that’s what makes us keep those close at heart. This is a song that I felt had such relevence to those that have lost a faculty, or coming back from struggle and awakening those that have triumphed over tragedy to “begin again” states Lori.

“Two aspects of this recording made me interested in the project” says Dori Amarilio (composer, arranger and producer). “A chance to work with Lori and the song choice tickled my imagination and allowed me to use orchestral textures without giving up on the organic intimacy of the song. With this in mind, I partnered to be the arranger and producer of the song” says Dori. Jazz Virtuoso, Otmaro Ruiz is also the pianist on this track.

Enlisting the insightful work of acclaimed artist and cousin- Clifford Doyle, who created an original painting for its CD cover as a gift to Lori’s vision, panoramically adding to the essence of the song.

To learn more, go to www.lorijenaire.com and look for the new singles on ITUNES and AMAZON available in July. Video at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JNe5Bx0N_E)

Note to Media: Lori Jenaire is available for interview. For MP3 request, forward your name, media outlet, and mailing address to jay@indiepower.com