Acupuncture Business School Releases New Marketing E-books

New acupuncture marketing e-books have been released by Acupuncture Business School to help the acupuncturist build their practice.

Online PR News – 21-December-2009 – – WESTFIELD NJ, December 2009 - Acupuncture has become one of the fastest growing complementary treatments today. Even so, acupuncturists have still been having a hard time marketing themselves to gain these new patients. Lacking strong acupuncture marketing and business skills after graduation, acupuncturists are now seeking help to get their practice off the ground level.

Acupuncture Business School has released several new acupuncture marketing, business, and practice management e-books to help you take your practice to new heights. Their e-books cover topics in acupuncture insurance billing, specializing, Twitter marketing, search engine optimizing your website, practice management, and power-point presentations.

Acupuncture Marketing Websites have become more and more useful and for some, the number one way to gaining new patients every month. If you are looking to get your acupuncture website on the top of the search engines, you should contact Acupuncture Business School as they are at the top of the field in that area.

Twitter marketing has become increasingly popular among practitioners as the list followers are equivalent to a mailing list. Having the right targeted followers can be extremely powerful in helping your practice grow. Announcing discounts, free consultations, and new products or services through Twitter is a very cost effective form of marketing.

The Guaranteed Key to Success: Creating a specialty practice is one of the newer e-books explaining how you can set yourself apart by specializing. Having a specialty practice can actually be the most effective practice management strategy you can get.

Acupuncture insurance billing has been a tricky thing to master for many acupuncturists. The Secret To Acupuncture Insurance Billing e-book explains how you can triple your income with every treatment performed. This e-book talks about the differences between cash and insurance coverage and the common mistake many acupuncturists make when they bill insurance. An interesting note is how the author explains by billing insurance he actually is able to expand his practice from word of mouth. One of the main advantages he explains is that the health of the patient increases dramatically due to the ability to bill insurance.

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