PDF Bates Numberer V3.5 Released Formally Today

PDF Bates Numberer v3.5 is released today. This updated version of the software flaunts many new, useful features like batch stamping; alignment and formatting of Bates number of text added to PDF files.

Online PR News – 05-July-2011 – – Gothenburg, Sweden, July 04, 2011 – SysTools PDF Bates Numberer has now been updated to version 3.5. PDF Bates Numberer v3.5 is a batch PDF stamping software solution for adding bates numbers to multiple PDF files together at a time. It allows users to add labels, text, notes, dates and times to continue series of all PDF files and the pages contained in each PDF file. Also, alignment and formatting for Bates numbers is supported in this new version.

What’s New with PDF Bates Numberer 3.5?

No Adobe Acrobat Reader required: PDF Bates Numberer v3.5 does not need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on the machine where process is carried out

Support multiple files: PDF Bates Numberer v3.5 allows users to add their own text, notes, labels and date to bate multiple PDF files at a time.

Align Bate number: PDF Bates Numberer v3.5 allows users to align the added text to right, left, middle, top and bottom

Formatting Bates number: PDF Bates Numberer v3.5 allows formatting of Bates number with font size & font color

Evan Swans, Head, SysTools product team, says, “My team’s work definitely does not end after software release, in fact, the real work starts after that only when customer feedback starts coming in. As per the feedback received for PDF Bates Numberer, we now updated it with many new features.”http://www.pdfbates.com/bates-numbers-to-pdf.html