Psiloc's World Traveler grabbed its millionth user

WARSAW. DECEMBER 21 – Polish mobile solutions innovator Psiloc announced today that it has achieved
a company milestone with its World Traveler mobile platform, an application package for the traveler, which grabbed its millionth user late last week.

Online PR News – 21-December-2009 – – “One million is quite a satisfying figure when it comes to users in the mobile applications game,” Marek Filipiak, Psiloc president and founder, said. “We knew World Traveler would be a hit with travelers, but it comes as a pleasant surprise to see so much hard work appreciated so soon by the market.”

Filipiak pointed out that World Traveler was only released to the market in June of this year (2009). The “freemium” platform includes a number of basic, free services, such as a world clock and currency converter. As World Traveler has continued to develop, these services have been beefed up by premium services, such as Flight Assistant, which allows
a traveler to check the availability of alternate flights through his/her mobile phone—while also setting up the phone to receive status alerts of flight changes in real time.

The combination has proven to be a winner for Psiloc, and the user numbers just keep climbing. According to company statistics, in the time that it takes most journalists to read this press release, the company will have gained approximately 1,000 new users.

Meanwhile, Filipiak said the company expects these figures to increase several-fold.

“At this point, I don’t want to get too deep into company strategy, but in a sense we are still in the first phase of World Traveler,” he said. “Strategic plans that we have already set in motion should increase the platform’s visibility by a multiple of four.”

Filipiak did point out that the company has gone to great lengths to tailor the “freemium” model to customer needs—while still retaining a working business model for the company. Part of this has come in smart, hassle free packaging. Flight Master, a pre-installed plug-in package that includes both the company’s new Flight Assistant utility, as well as the premium Travel Safe plug-in(a virtual mobile vault for sensitive personal information, such as credit card details, as well as passport or driver’s license numbers) has definitely been a driver behind the platform’s growing user base.

World Traveler is compatible with most third generation and all fifth generation Nokia S60 devices. World Traveler is available now at

Psiloc is one of the world's leading providers of smartphone software solutions. Psiloc creates innovative applications that let users unlock the potential of their smartphones. Its main focus is developing client–server mobile applications and sophisticated solutions for GSM operators and business customers. The key to Psiloc’s success is having a deep working knowledge of Symbian OS and, together with
a professional creative team, works closely with the largest players in the mobile phone market.