Cordlife offers sophisticated stem cell banking which redefined motherhood for Thalassemia patients

CordLife-India recently conducted a successful transfusion of cord blood from a close sibling of a five year old Thalasemia patient.

Online PR News – 06-July-2011 – – India, July 04, 2011 – Motherhood is a blessing from Mother Nature which renounces the importance of battle for life on this mortal earth. A baby takes a new form from the womb of the mother with a complex process of regeneration. A child stays inside the womb and is nurtured in a protective environment, without any external source of air, water or food. A cord of life is connected to the baby from the mother to transport vital nutrients and other essential substances to the child. This cord blood is the source of the most complex forms of stem cells for the nurture of a new living form.

Headquartered in Singapore CordLife-India is one of the most advanced and internationally managed cord blood banks in India which provides Stem Cell Banking facilities from the baby’s umbilical cord. With the use of advanced patented technology this vital transfusion elements can be stored safe with CordLife and can be used for cure over 80 life-threatening diseases like leukemia, lymphoma thalassemia and more.

With the revolutionary discovery of cord blood as a significant source of stem cells and bone marrow, now the medical science can talk in terms of 90% chance for cure from Thalassemia with the transfusion of stem cells and bone marrow from the siblings cord blood. With its state of the art facility in Kolkata CordLife-India is well known around the Asia-Pacific region for its cryogenically preserved cord blood and the viability of the use of the stored stem cells, till the time it is needed. CordLife’s technology provides a significant chance of survival for the Thalassemia patients.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder which is responsible for abnormal formation of haemoglobins in the blood. This disease is accountable for excessive destruction of red blood cells that causes severe anemia. With no cure to the disease till date except blood transfusion, a baby born with Thalassemia has only few years of life expectancy. Bone marrow transplantation although may cure this deadly disease upto certain extent, but finding a 100% match bone marrow donor is aptly difficult.

CordLife-India recently conducted a successful transfusion of cord blood from a close sibling of a five year old Thalasemia patient. Speaking about this fist case of successful cord blood transfusion in India, Dr Prosanto Chowdhury Medical Director of CordLife-India explains,-“Stem cell transfusion is a highly complex process which requires HLA compatibility and stem cell count. Transplant unit’s stem cell count in relation to the recipient’s body weight is called “cell dose”, and it is the most significant factor to judge transplant survival. In conditions, like haematological malignancies, the clock is ticking and the stem cells are to be procured and transplanted at the earliest for survival. Preserving the Stem cells, and using them as and when required, is the key to success in such medical conditions. Transplants like these confirm CordLife’s technology and our assurance to parents who bank with us their baby’s cord blood. CordLife has added another milestone in its journey of successful transplant cases by treating diseases like cerebral palsy and leukemia through stem cell transplants.”

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