Dryers to Dry Your Clothes, Not Your Pockets!

Electrolux, the leading company in household appliances for ninety years now is offering its latest range of dryers.

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – Summer is over and wet days are here once again! But worry no more. We have the solution for your laundry woes.

Electrolux, the leading company in household appliances for ninety years now is offering its latest range of dryers, visit http://electrolux.com.au/Products/Laundry_room/Clothes_dryers.

The products are designed primarily in keeping with the company’s principle of making life easier. With a wide array of models to choose from, selecting the dryers which will suit your needs is not a problem.

On top of it, Electrolux commits to be part of a greener way of living. To achieve this, the company through extensive research, came up with energy and cost efficient products. With the rising cost of living, people clamor for products which are not only eco-friendly but most especially, easier on the pocket in terms of cost maintenance, which other companies cannot provide. With this in mind, Electrolux painstakingly developed the most advanced and most efficient dryers that other companies have not developed.

With its sleek exterior design, you can be sure that every product passed strict quality control to make the product worth every cent spent purchasing our company’s products.

Added to our latest innovative technology, Electrolux products now carry the green tree. These products are designed towards attaining a sustainable environment for the future generations to come.

Dryers designed by Electrolux have a delay start feature which will help to redistribute the use of energy from peak load times, thus, less dependence on the need for new power plants.

Your clothes will enjoy the luxury treatment it deserves with the programs installed in our dryers designed to take extra care of your most delicate clothes while at the same time ensuring the best drying results. With our heat pump technology, it delivers the most energy efficiency you can rely on.

The dryers has also the ability to provide faster drying at gentler temperature compared to conventional condense dryers, thus, saving time and energy.

So, why think twice in buying Electrolux products, if our company already offers you not only the best quality products but more importantly it provides you a more enjoyable and stress-free way of life.

For further details, visit http://electrolux.com.au/.