Bauen and ACE develop the first Industrial, Automated, Panelized ICF Solution for Sustainable Homes

Bauen announces the conclusion of negotiations with ACE for joint IP rights over the industries first mobile, automated ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) panel manufacturing facility.

Online PR News – 08-July-2011 – – SAO PAULO, Brazil (June 30, 2011) -The trend toward sustainable design for multifamily and commercial buildings has increased dramatically over the past few years, challenging architects to find a cost-effective panelized solution with the flexibility to express their individual design vision. Bauen Capital International, ( a division of The Bauen Group of Companies together with ACE (Automated Construction Equipment) based in Cobourg ON, Canada, concluded negotiations for joint IP rights for the first mobile, sustainable, affordable, and automated ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) panel manufacturing facility to meet today’s modern design needs.

ACE PanelB Plant™ – made using the latest in advanced process and assembly technology available for the construction industry today– offers the industries first semi-automated sub-assembly facility. Developers who use traditional onsite ICF construction can build faster and reduce overall labor and materials costs using panelized building systems, a construction technique that also enables them to quickly gear up production as the housing market begins to improve. With panelized construction, developers can create exceptional energy efficient buildings in a fraction of the time required by more traditional building methods. Individual wall, floor and roof components are built in a climate-controlled manufacturing facility using high-quality materials before the various components are loaded onto a truck and delivered to the job site for assembly. At the site, the panel, floor and roof systems are set in place quickly and easily using a light crane - enabling the home to be weather-tight within a matter of days and, consequently, reducing the likelihood of weather damage and mildew. Because of its efficiency, flexible design possibilities and environmental benefits, panelized construction is one of the most widely used building systems in the market today and now available to the ICF industry.

“Until now, ‘traditional’ ICF systems have been considered both expensive and challenging to install in large scale projects. Bauen and ACE is the first to offer a mobile semi-automated manufacturing facility created specifically for this use," said Andrew Switzer de Guimaraes, Founding Chair for Bauen Capital International S.A.. “At last, large developers can achieve a mass-produced, pre-assembled ICF solution that is now more durable, affordable and ready-to-use for their single/multifamily, light commercial or institutional building needs. As part of our commitment to the product, Bauen is currently preparing to install the first of the facilities in Brazil, to tend the demand of our real estate projects in partnership with the Brazilian Government and the Minha Casa Minha Vida – [My House My Life] Program.”

Guesswork in creating mass-produced, effective, sustainable ICF buildings are virtually eliminated when ACE PanelB Plant™ is used.

Committed to the innovation and the environment, Bauen Group and ACE use the latest design principles its sustainable products. Qualifying for the LEED rating system for the use of regional material resources, ACE PanelB Plant™ manufacturing facility enables regional production of materials. Developers who work toward a low carbon footprint can appreciate the ACE PanelB Plant™ for its ability to bid more-predictable fees and production timetables to consumers. Using factory-built ICF panels and components also greatly reduces onsite waste, reducing the time and money developers would otherwise spend on maintaining their job sites.

According to the results of the Structural Building Components Association and the NAHB Building Systems Councils, of two identical 2,600-square-foot homes, the one built using panel construction realized 16% savings in labor and material costs over the one built using traditional stick-built techniques. According to the Structural Building Components Association, panel-built projects typically use 26% materials, saving valuable resources, and require 37% less construction time, enabling builders to complete the home faster, while yielding significant financial savings. For more information about ACE PanelB Plant™, visit

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