Exclusive Spread Trading Guide for Investors and Traders Launched by Brian Fielder

The 75-page spread trading guide created by Brian Fielder is loaded with information about this mode of trading.

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – The 75-page spread trading guide created by Brian Fielder is loaded with information about this mode of trading. The author is also the publisher of a series of website that help people who want to learn to spread trade. The portal spreadtradingguide.com is a learning website that talks about the basic and fundamental concepts of spread trading, so they get a good and sound understanding of what it is all about. The guide makes it easy to learn about trading and betting and is suitable for novices as well as people who have limited knowledge about the entire concept. Right from the terminology that is used in this tax free method of trading to simple and sequential lessons that come with easy to understand and clear explanation, the guide contains all that beginners need to read, know and understand to enable them to make the most of favorable conditions in the financial markets.

Brian Fielder is a professional and expert spread trader and he encourages people to think like one when they face tough and tricky trading situations where they need to make educated and well-informed decisions. This quick start guide is the easiest and shortest way to stay away from potential loser and pick winners while managing all your funds to ensure that the betting account stays healthy and you target only the best movers. The guide has been designed to give people the required confidence that each and every trading decision that they make is solidly backed by experienced and professional traders.

The intricacies and nuances of the process are explained in a detailed and precise manner and it also assist novices with the process of thinking about and understanding their financial goals and spread trading strategy. Using Fibonacci measures to pick the highs and lows to make big moves early, avoiding the 7 potential sins of trading, the Elliott Wave that helps people make an accurate estimate of the market’s next move, the appropriate trading strategy that people must adopt, discovering personal strengths and weaknesses within a time span of just 10 minutes, etc. are all covered in this guide.